All the good things

Had a weekend of running, NICE WEATHER!!, and trying to figure a few things out.  I made a list of schools I might want to transfer to and I’ll start doing the research in the coming months and working on applications for the fall.  And we are trying to sort out everything with physically moving back and getting all our stuff out and moving the dogs, etc.  I haven’t even had my meeting with my supervisors yet (it’s tomorrow) so I still don’t know what I’m going to be doing to wrap up my time with the university and the timeline for that.  But I’m Type A and I like to be prepared haha.

Yesterday was my long run day, but I dutifully listened to my training program which told me to run only 10 the first 2 long runs.  It didn’t feel “long” but it was really nice not feeling the anticipation and everything of the REALLY long runs and working out fueling and all that.  It was short enough that I got to just run without thinking which I love.  NB: I don’t take water or fuel unless I’m running at least 13 or it’s hot out.  It’s a very arbitrary number, I don’t know why I chose that number but it works for me.  I have gatorade or nuun waiting in my car for me the instant I finish.

Came back and watched the World Indoor Championships in my Pro Compression socks.  Thrilled for the Chanelle Price victory, sad that Bernard Lagat didn’t win after his awesome performance at USA Indoors.  I LOVE watching track and field meets, marathons, whatever.  Massive inspiration and always makes me want to go running right that instant.


I apologize for no pictures today, my phone will not send any of the pics I took yesterday and I don’t know why.  I shall give you gratuitous pictures of random things:


from our trip to South Africa:


From a weekend trip to Paris while I was living in Annecy:


Slider and Stevie, the day we brought each of them home:





What are your 3 favorite things about your hometown?

How are your push-ups/pull-ups coming?


33 thoughts on “All the good things

  1. I really admire your positivity! I’ve been slacking a bit, it’s time for me to get back in the zone with those pushups and pull-ups

    • Thanks 🙂 I’ll be honest, the only reason I’m not slacking as much as I normally would on the push-ups and pull-ups is because I don’t want to be embarrassed in my own contest when we post the videos 😉

  2. Oh I understand about the dryer and dishwasher! Before we moved into our house, our apartment didn’t have a dishwasher or laundry. 😦 I had to go to the shared laundry room which you got to from outside. I always for some reason found a big spider when I’d go there too…lol.
    I’m a tad jealous you get to be closer to family. My family lives in another province so I’m very rarely home to visit.

    • Aw, how far away are your parents? After living a long plane flight away for a few years we are definitely going to appreciate being close so much more while we are home 🙂 P.S. we don’t even have a shared dryer somewhere, we have to hang our clothes outside or around the house! It’s insane. And I get attacked by spiders when I hang them outside too 😉

      • Oh no, I hate spiders! My family isn’t that far away by plane, but it takes a full day and a half to drive there and we usually drive because we take Lola—who absolutely hates the plane! Lol

  3. SOOO are you definitely moving home or just anticipating the worst from your meeting? I bet you’re doing all this worrying for nothing, lol. But I’m the same way…

  4. Love the positive outlook! Where all did you go in South Africa? We are going back in 5 weeks and I can’t wait! The favorite things about my hometown are: the beach, fresh seafood, and all the great running options! Plus my family but I hope that was a given. 🙂

    • We did a safari for 2 weeks at a tiny lodge (only 5 rooms!) in the far north-east. It was my favorite thing I’ve ever done and Joe and I would go back every year if we could 🙂 where are you guys heading?

      • All over!! Starting out by going to Kruger then heading down to Port Elizabeth and will make our way over to Cape Town. My husband is from South Africa so we’ll be making stops to visit friends and family along the way.

  5. That’s awesome you’re looking on the bright side! I always love the pots and pans selection at home. I have like one baking sheet and that’s it! Also, your South Africa pictures are amazing, I’ve always wanted to go there.

    • Ah I forgot about all the great kitchen stuff at home! I miss all my fabulous tools! Definitely go to South Africa if you ever get the chance, by far the best vacation I’ve ever taken.

  6. Grocery store bagels should not even be allowed to be called bagels. I’m excited for you to be closer to family, it is so nice to be a car drive away instead of an entire day of traveling (or more) away. And those pictures are beautiful! I’ll miss so many things about my hometown, I’m planning a post on that soon actually!

  7. That’s good you’re making lists. Lists always help me out when I’m stressed about the unknown. Hahaha “gratuitous pictures of random things”- loved them! 3 things I love about my hometown: 1) Very safe. I could seriously walk around by myself at anytime during the night and feel/be safe. 2) Quiet. Although I love visiting big cities, I love how quiet and uneventful my hometown is. 3) Access to great hiking and running trails. My town is almost purely residential + outdoorsy things (we have 1 grocery store and local stores/restaurants but that’s it). I love my running trail and all the hiking we have access to. My hometown is basically Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls).

  8. Kudos for focusing on the positive instead of the negative.

    Things I love about my hometown:
    1. The weather (most of the time). Excluding this year, it rarely snows and has super hot summers which I oddly love.
    2. You can get anywhere you need to go in 20 minutes from my home.
    3. It’s not too big or too small. I don’t have to fight terrible big city traffic, but you can go downtown and get the big city feel if you like (although I prefer the country, myself).

  9. You are so adorable Emmeline! Even though I am super sad to find out about the outcome, but you know what?! I am a true believer that whatever happens happens for the best! As you know, Beatles weren’t recognized at the very beginning eather! I LOOOOOOOOOVE your attitude and I am sure that this litle roadblock won’t stop you from being successful *A BIIIGGGG BEAR HUG!* Btw, love your pictures~ Now I want to travel to South Africa ❤ xoxo

  10. Love your list of positives (going through some decisions/changes, going to do this for myself!). Actually, with all that good stuff to look forward to, I’m surprised you moved away in the first place. I would LOVE to be in the same city as my best friend again. I think that would be enough to bring me home. And PS I totally forgot about the push up/pull up challenge. And this is why I have no upper body strength, haha.

  11. Love your positivity! And your pups – so cute!

    Have not been doing my pull-ups/push-ups. Thanks for the reminder.

    My hometown is Dublin, Ireland. I miss it’s vibe, nightlife, history and clothes stores. But definitely not the weather!

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