To do or not to do?

Apparently my phone doesn’t want to send pictures anymore, so I’m out of luck for a few days but I’ll be getting a new phone this weekend and fixing the situation.  Until then, I shall pepper the posts with pictures of very random things.  You’re welcome 😉



By the way…yesterday I totally forgot it was a rest day roughly an hour after I posted it.  I ate breakfast, put running clothes on and my shoes, and couldn’t find my watch.  Then I realized it was because it was charging because it’s rest day.  I sat on my couch in my running gear reading blogs for the next hour until I got cold and changed.  I was a little cranky about not running…


Yesterday I was offered a place on a team for a race and I’m not sure if I should take it.  What’s that? NOT do a race?  Sure doesn’t sound like me.  It’s a Super Spartan and I’ve never done an obstacle course race but I was intrigued because it doesn’t fall too close to other races I’m doing.  Then, I looked it up and it turns out that this particular race is pure evil.  Not Super Spartans in general, this location.  Over 8000 feet of elevation change in 8 miles.  You’re basically just going up and down a gigantic mountain.  And it’s not pleasant elevation apparently, reviews of last year said it’s so steep you can’t run it, and they make you do things like pick up a gigantic log and carry it down then up.  I’m not even sure I can pick up a giant log, much less carry it up and down mountains.  In a regular Spartan I’d be concerned about getting over the wall and stuff like that, this has those obstacles but then others.  It’s an obstacle course on crack.  My teammates would be my buddy Mark, a friend for more than a decade and former competitive skydiver (who took me my first time skydiving!) who is now military, and 2 of his military buddies, including his OTS training officer who also runs mountain ultras.  And then me.  I’m 5’3 and 105 lbs.  And I can’t do a pull-up.  Serious question…is it even possible for me to do such an event?  Will I fail half (or more) of the obstacles and have to do 6 million penalty burpees?  The boys don’t care, they want me on their team, but I’m a competitive little freak and I want to know what I’m getting into.  So if you’ve done a Spartan and have any input on the obstacles, let me have it!  I’ll deal with the mountain climbing nonsense, if anything it should make my rolling hills in my fall races seem like a piece of cake, right? 😉


More random photos!



Today’s workout: MILE REPEATS!!! Yes, that’s false enthusiasm.  It works.  4×1 mile with 2 mile warm up and cool down for a total of 8.  If my legs don’t feel like jello afterward, plyo to make it a truly hard day before taking it super easy tomorrow.


Should I do the scary race even if I’m the absolute worst competitor there?

What kind of race would scare you the most?  I think an ocean triathlon would be my worst nightmare (I did mine in a river and would do a lake/river when I do my eventual Ironman) but second is probably these obstacle races, I am NOT physically strong in my upper body.  I’d rather do a 50 miler than lift things and climb ropes. 


31 thoughts on “To do or not to do?

  1. I love how you forgot it was your rest day, that is one problem I do not have. If you have enough time to train for the race I say go for it! You already have a great cardiovascular base and could totally gain enough strength for it with some extra work.

    • Plenty of time to train, pretty sure I won’t be as strong as I need to be no matter how much I train but in the end, it would just be fun to do it and get my ass kicked for a day 😉

  2. Love those random photos. So beautiful.

    I definitely could not handle a race like that. I’m in the same situation as you: small and only moderately strong. It’s a hard call 😦

  3. I think you should do it! I bet you’d surprise yourself at how strong you actually are. And the adrenaline wouldn’t hurt either. Your pictures make me so excited for my travels!!

  4. Running up/down mountains with logs sounds super scary to me! But that could be because I live in a very flat place. If it’s a team thing, can’t the guys just carry everything?? Isn’t that what guys are for? 🙂 Obstacle races intimidate me too because I don’t like not being good and my upper body needs some work too. Ocean triathlons aren’t scary! Your competitive instinct takes over and you forget to be scared.

  5. Darling, do it! It will be one of the best adventures of your life. I am sure about it! Btw, you’re right, it is impossible to run all the way without stopping, and that’s okay. That being said, the comradery spirit in the air is so inspirational that you’ll be able to feed of it. As you know, my first Spartan is only 2 months away (8+ miles) and I can’t wait!!!! ❤

  6. I never did a Spartan race but I have considered signing up for certain obstacle ones and a lot of times on the web sites they tell you how you can train for the race. At least that is what the Tough Mudder does. Maybe you can look at the training and see if it’s something you could do? And if not, just practice burpees!!! 😉

    • Spartan won’t tell you the obstacles 😦 I looked at last year’s race and this particular one is just pure evil. The hauling of logs half my size up a hill is just soooo unlikely for me to be able to train for. I’m going to do a lot of general strength and hope for the best!

    • I did a tri with a river swim and I literally freaked the entire time and could barely breathe because I was sure I’d be attacked by alligators. If I don’t have a reason to fear sharks, I will find something else in the water to be scared of. I’m pretty sure the only water I could swim in without fear of sharks/alligators would be a lake in Maine or something. I’d still be concerned in the back of my mind that one had snuck its way in there though 😉

  7. Obstacle races scare me. The other night I actually dreamt that Boston added obstacles for the normal runners this year, and I could not climb over one of them. I started screaming at the volunteers about how they didn’t make the elites to this! LOL….crazy weird dream.

    Nice pictures too!

    • Aw, that sounds like a terrible yet hysterical dream! That would be sort of interesting if there was a road race that incorporated obstacles into otherwise a straightforward run. I’d actually be into that more than this other nonsense!

    • I think I’m going to play the ignorance is bliss card and just train general strength but not listen to what the possible obstacles might be…then I’ll get out there and just try my best without any one thing psyching me out too much.

  8. The Spartan race sounds like a really cool (i.e. hardcore and only fun when it’s over) experience! I’ve never tried any of those obstacle course races because I’m afraid I’ll hurt myself doing something crazy on the course and then not be able to run.
    Open water swims scare me the most! I did ONE tri with an open water swim and was terrified of drowning or getting touched by a fish.

    • That sounds like exactly my theory…I’ll love it when it’s over. During, I might threaten to kill my friend who made me do it 😉 I did a tri too! I thought I was going to be eaten by alligators and made my family watch the river the day before to see if they saw any… haha

  9. I’ve done an obstacle race but that one sounds intense!!! 8000 feet is no joke. Even after all my half marathons, I’ve never been as sore as I was after a 10K mud run. You should definitely do it, but stock up on ice packs and ibuprofen before 😉

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