Something I’m good at

I’m so good at procrastinating interval workouts.  Pretty much any other run I’ll be eager to do as soon as I’ve digested breakfast but intervals often wait until the afternoon when I do them only because I know I’ll be too tired to do them if I wait any longer.  But as usual, I feel really good when I finish.  There’s something so satisfying about finishing a hard workout and knowing you’ll see results from it in the future.  2 miles warm up, 4×1 mile with 3 min jog recovery, 2 miles cool down.  Then 40 minutes of plyo and my legs are SORE today.  Schedule calls for easy 4 and I will happily oblige. 


{Still doing the random photo thing until this weekend!}


Small update on the school stuff: I met with my supervisors yesterday who are just wonderful people.  I’ll be leaving here with another masters degree (having two seems excessive but at least I’ll leave with something!) so I will still be researching and writing for the remainder of my time here.  We actually chose to go a different route than I was with the doctoral dissertation so that I can use the majority of what I had researched in my future doctoral program and I will build on one of my completed chapters for this.  It’s crazy, because it means I have to write roughly 30,000 words of new and original work in the next couple months when I already had SO MUCH done of my doctoral dissertation, but I want to preserve being able to write about what I’m passionate about at another program.  And they are going to write me glowing recommendations and do whatever they can to help me get in elsewhere (they strongly disagree with what is going down) so hopefully it all works out and I end up someplace equally prestigious but where I can write what I want. 



Oh, and I think I’m going to do that race I mentioned yesterday, because apparently I’m a glutton for punishment.  Let’s just hope I don’t ruin my team’s chances of placing.  Unlike a lot of obstacle runs, this one is timed and competitive and all four of us and our times will count for the team.  Mark and I are working on trying to convince Joe to join, it would be super fun to do a race with him and lifting things and hiking mountains is so much more his thing than actually running on a flat course (because he’s crazy).  In case you didn’t know this already, 9 years together and I’ve never even been on one run with my husband.  Very jealous of all of you who have someone to run with!


(at the Cherry Blossoms 2005)


Plan for today is just the easy miles, no lifting or extra cross training.  Then library for some research materials and errands and research the rest of the day.  My life is a party, obviously 😉 


Tell me something going on in your life right now!

What was your workout yesterday/today?


48 thoughts on “Something I’m good at

  1. that’s exciting that your choosing to do the race, I’m sure you’ll do great!! I usually feel most apprehensive before speed work but it’s always worth the feeling afterwards.

  2. I’m glad you are leaving where you are with SOMETHING and that you are headed in the right direction!
    Yesterday was a 6 mile progression down to 1/2 marathon pace- it was nice because the weather was amazing… today will be my mid-week “long run”- except only half will be running and the other half will be XT. Babying my injured foot.
    YAY racing!

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with intervals! I hate and dread them until I’m actually doing them and then the make a run speed by. It’s all so very complicated… 🙂

    • I hate them the most during the actual intervals, I always feel like I might puke/die but by the time I recovery jog I’m like, “hey, I love this!” until I start the next interval 😉

  4. Wow, plyo after intervals?! that’s impressive..the only thing my legs will do after a track workout is lay down. I tried to do a tempo run yesterday, but it kind of flopped.
    the school update sounds good! plus it’ll be better to be in a program that is super supportive of your topic, right?

    • I was reading about keeping your hard days really hard and your easy days truly easy, i.e. lifting legs on hard running days like intervals or hills and never doing it on an easy day. It’s not my idea of fun but I thought the science behind it sounded logical so I’m trying it that way 🙂

  5. Great job with the workout! It just started snowing here… again – it’s supposed to snow at least a foot 😦 It’s going to mess with my workouts for the rest of the week and I’m so sick of it!

  6. I love your blog! (and pizza and puppies haha)

    Workout today was strength work this morning and elliptical at the gym during lunch because my heel is acting up. Hopefully I’ll get back to running tomorrow even though it might be snowing..

  7. Your workout yesterday sounds awesome! I can’t wait to be able to do plyos again. Paul and I ran two Warrior Dashes. He is not a runner, he just did it for fun. The first Warrior Dash we tried to stick together, but the second one I went balls out and raced it. It was a good time, but the obstacles aren’t nearly what you’re doing in your Spartan.

  8. I love your blog! (and pizza and puppies haha)

    No running for me today unfortunately because my heel is acting up but I’ll hopefully be back to it tomorrow.

    Good luck with school!

  9. All those miles and then 40 minutes of plyo?? You’ll be ready to throw some logs up mountains for sure! The only way my husband and I can run together is if I make him push the stroller (25 lb stroller + 23 lb baby slows him down enough where I can sort of keep up!!) Yesterday was a rest/stretch day but I’ll be running when I get home from work this evening.

    • The idea of running with a baby stroller terrifies me, not only are those behemoths nearly my size but running is hard enough without pushing 50 lbs! No wonder you moms get such crazy arm strength 😉

  10. Great workout! I always dread anything where I have to run fast – so hard. Today I did some hill repeats. Not much fun either. Type 2 fun – hate it at the time but doesn’t seem so bad a little while later.

    Glad that your supervisors are being so supportive! Good luck with all the school applications.

  11. Yay, I love random photo thing! And I’m glad you’re doing the race, I think it’ll be really fun. I’m in New Orleans and I’ve already drank a mimosa and a beer in a public place! Places with no open container laws are crazy.

    • Haha mine doesn’t run so I’m faster, but I’ve failed miserably at biking with him and want to quit an hour before he does if I lift with him so at least I have an edge somewhere 😉

  12. Holy great workout!!! If it makes you feel any better, Matt and I never run together. He’s much faster than I am and we both prefer to run alone… Strange I know! I’m so happy to hear about your supervisors giving glowing recommendations and how things sound like they will be working out. 🙂 Good luck in the race!!!!

  13. Although it must be disappointing to you to not finish getting your PhD where you are now, I know that you’re going to rock it and be super successful at the next place you go. Can I suggest somewhere in Massachusetts? We have beautiful seasons here, a lot of great running races (like Boston!), and of course, a lot of great graduate programs. And you and I can be besties, lol.
    Although my husband used to run (and is getting started again, yay!) we’ve never run together. He severely damaged his Achilles’ tendon when he was younger and can’t run in sneakers, only barefoot, so he’ll only run on the treadmill:

    • Sounds like a plan 😉 your poor husband! Mine actually ruptured his Achilles a few years back and hasn’t tried to run but I wonder if barefoot on the treadmill would make it more bearable for him too.

  14. Yesterday I kept it kind of light. Just ran 2 miles and did some core work and stabilization moves for my legs and chest. I have some muscle imbalances I reallllly need to correct. lol. Today I am going to take body pump, so I shouldn’t be able to move my upper body tomorrow. haha.

    You are a crazy tough chick, btw.

  15. I’m glad you decided to run that race! You are going to kick its butt.

    And it’s such good news that you’ll be able to leave with another Master’s and save what you’re passionate about for future research. I’m glad that they are so supportive of your future!

  16. Congrats on the double Masters! That is really impressive. I hope your dissertation progress goes well, too.

    To answer your questions, yesterday I was on the elliptical for an hour with my study flashcards. Multitask much? Today is just me studying for my Literary Criticism exam…did I mention it is on a SCANTRON? Puh-leeze tell me you understand how terrible that is because I seriously only know essay exams at this point in my life. I think high school was the last time I used a scantron. Prayers are appreciated. Have a great day!

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