Virginia is for (snow) lovers

HELLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOO!  I have been absent what seems like forever but in reality was only a few days.  Somehow in the blogging world that feels like eternity.  Anyway, it was a bit crazy all day Friday with flying then we spent the weekend getting settled and trying to fix our jet lag.  I was intending to get back to it Monday but then realized I couldn’t find my computer cord in the moving hassle.  We aren’t fully moved back yet and won’t be until the summer but we moved back about 1/3 of our stuff this weekend so the whole process is feeling much more real now.  The circumstances aren’t my favorite but it sure feels good to be back in Virginia.

Except for the snow…that was a rude awakening.  We came home to 65 degree temps only to wake up to 6 inches of snow 2 days later.  INSANE.  The pups loved it but I was mostly just sad that my first run on my favorite trail would have to wait.  Last few workouts on the treadmill, including yesterday’s 5 mile fartlek.  Since pictures of me on a treadmill are not the most fun, here are some pics of the dogs who are probably the only ones excited about a mid-March snowstorm.

20140317_074642 20140317_095850 20140317_100301 20140317_142015

And last night Joe and I went out to dinner with my mom while my dad was working.  Shrimp tacos and my first steak in months.  Runners need to work on their iron stores, you know 😉



I spent a few hours yesterday catching up on everyone’s adventures/blogs from the few days I was missing and I’m so glad to be back.  And SO EXCITED for all the people who raced this past weekend, I saw a ton of PR recaps and so many awesome race pictures and I wish I could’ve gotten back here a day or two sooner so I could’ve done RnR USA or Shamrock with everyone.

Today’s workout: 5 miles steady and p90x chest&back as soon as I finish this bagel!

If you raced this weekend, brag about your time or your race experience in the comments!

If you didn’t race, what was the best thing you did this weekend? 


40 thoughts on “Virginia is for (snow) lovers

  1. Pups look happy indeed and those tacos look really good.
    Weekend was uneventful, just getting ready to get back to work after vacations.
    Have a nice week!

  2. At least your pups are enjoying the weather. I think the worst part is how it keeps tempting us with a little bit of warmth and then goes back to being snowy. I can’t wait for the first week when it just stays warm the whole time.

  3. Welcome back!! To both this side of the pond and the blogging world! No races for me last weekend but I do have a 10k this Saturday. The highlight of my weekend was all the yummy food I had!

  4. Best thing I did this weekend was go to a friend’s birthday party. I’m in MA and while I’m definitely sick of snow, I do love watching my dog play in it. It’s the only thing that makes it bearable at this point haha. I’m waiting for March to stop its “lion” phase and turn into the lamb that everyone keeps talking about.

  5. I missed you, girl! I love steak also, but then our grill was taken hostage by snow that is blocking our storage under the patio 😦 I know, I can get it at a restaurant, but somehow the steak my hubby makes is SO MUCH BETTER! Your doggies are super cute! ❤ xoxo

  6. I didn’t race, but I had a good long run on Saturday. The best thing I did this weekend was probably go outside because our snow finally melted, and hopefully yours will soon!

  7. Your doggies look so stoic in the snow! VA is like PA… such weird weather! We have been going back in forth between 45-55 degrees and 12 degrees. In the past 2 weeks I have run in shorts and I have run in my warmest cold gear I own!

    • It’s so crazy, 65 then 30 then it’s going back to 69 in 2 days. I’m totally going to catch a cold haha. At least the pups love the cold stuff 😉 my littlest eats it!

  8. Welcome home!! The snow looks beautiful and is probably a lot of fun for the pups. Glad your move went smoothly. So far, so good 🙂 I took a week and a half off from blogging last week and it seriously felt like a month. It’s like dog years in my mind. Happy to have you back in action!

    • Thank you! I had to double check my post dates because I was sure I’d been out for weeks. Maybe I should understand a little better when my dogs act like I’ve been gone for a year when I go for my long run 😉

  9. Your dogs are so cute! I raced for the first time this year on Saturday and it went really well. Then went skiing………….so snow isn’t all bad! Although its forecast to be 60F here tomorrow so running in shorts again.

    • I love snow when I can snowboard, I don’t love just a few inches of it causing inability to drive or open any businesses over here! One more reason you’re lucky to be in Utah 😉 congrats again on your fantastic race!!

  10. Dang, that snow is crazy! Looks like the hounds like it though!
    I haven’t raced since I did the Disney Dopey Challenge in Jan. Hope to be racing again very soon though! Stay tuned!

  11. I have my first steak in what feels like forever when I went to Newfoundland! It was awesome and I thought about the iron as well. 😀 There’s more snow where you guys were than we have left here now!!!! Ours is pretty much gone, thank goodness. 😀

    My race last weekend was super challenging but awesome! I’m still recovering from those hills so this week is very chilled with easy runs.

    • I woke up this morning to it being totally gone…hope it stays that way! Glad you’re taking it easy after your awesome race, gotta be extra careful with only ONE MONTH to go! Are you getting super excited?

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