Getting so good at running indoors

Well, it snowed again.  It’s nearly April and it snowed.  I’m used to it being around 70 this time of year, this is ridiculous.  At least someone likes it:


There isn’t too much thankfully, around 2 or 3 inches but I don’t think it’ll stick around for long.  But yeah, it meant running inside again.  Woo! False enthusiasm.  I did a 7 mile tempo and core and legs after.  Note to self: Leg workouts should come before, not after.  I felt like jello.


I tried another Quest bar after my workout.


This is my second attempt, a different flavor each time.  Both times I was sick afterwards.  Apparently, these are a no-go for me.  It makes me a little sad, I was a fan of the 20g of protein in each one since I’m always trying to up my protein intake.  However, not only was I having problems with the taste (too sweet for me, but I’m the girl who hates chocolate so if you’re normal, they’re probably fine) but also the hours of feeling nauseated afterwards just aren’t going to cut it for me.  They seem really popular though so I guess I’m the only one with this issue.  Joe’s going to eat them instead so I’ll let you know if he loves them.


Thanks to the snowy day, I finished my run and just hung out inside for the most part.  Got a bunch of reading done and of course, procrastinated with random useless quizzes.  Sometimes it scares me how much they know me:


Well, at least we know we did it right 😉  Not that anyone could regret getting married in France, but you know.

France 014 eiffel tower



I’ve only had this hair for a decade, no biggie.  Except a good 6-8 inches longer than hers.  Trauma if they cut off more than an inch.  The description is hilarious, I am indeed simultaneously extremely carefree and yet when I have a plan, don’t you dare change it or I don’t handle that well AT ALL.  Which is probably why I keep my hair exactly the same despite always seeing photos of people with adorable shorter hair and feeling incredible urges to chop mine off.




Did you have snow?  Expecting any more this winter (SPRING!)?

Ever not been able to stomach something everyone else seems to love?

What is your workout on this beautiful Wednesday?  I’m doing an easy 5 and p90x Chest&Back 🙂


38 thoughts on “Getting so good at running indoors

  1. Hopefully we are done with snow here in Alabama. Usually one good dusting is all we get and we have had three significant snow falls so far (enough to shut down schools so many days that they have to have a few days of Saturday school). I am back to work today so no workout for me!

  2. We got an inch or two here too! But like you said it’s probably going to melt in a day or two so no biggie. I am so addicted to those ridiculous buzzfeed quizzes. I got that I should have a short bob because I have big ambitions but am low maintenance, surprisingly accurate for a hair quiz. It’s also the hair I happen to have right now 🙂

  3. Is that the place where you got married?! It’s GORGEOUS! We didn’t get any snow up here, but they were predicting it so we probably will at some point! BOO.

  4. I always put running first in terms of exercise, everything else comes after even if my legs will be tired (spinning, strength, swimming).20 gr of protein I could use too, although I try not to eat store bought bars on a regular basis.

    • Yep, running is my priority so I do it first so my run doesn’t suffer but ouch, it was terrible for my leg workout yesterday. I’m going to see if switching it up for a week or two has any positive changes and if so, maybe I’ll be changing my standard routine 🙂

  5. I always lie on those quizzes and do them over and over, to see the many answers they give, then I pick up my favorite and go on with my day lol.
    No snow here, sunny and nice. It’s supposed to rain over the weekend, but nothing to worry about.
    I gotta do intervals today, 16x800mts, sooooooo excited about it (not really)

    • Haha I think the only time I did that with the quizzes was when I took one about which sorority I should be in and despite 12 tries, couldn’t manage to get my own actual sorority!

  6. We’re getting a giant storm in Nova Scotia today:/ I took Sadie and Tate for a quick walk this morning before it got too bad so Sadie won’t be going too crazy later on. I also find the Quest Bars to be a little much! They’re also uber expensive too!
    It’s so cute how much dogs love being outside/the snow. It’s so easy to make a dogs day! Glad you got your run in! I got a short one in last night!

  7. Snow, what’s that? 🙂 I’m too far south to get snow but it is COLD here today! I’m sorry to hear the Quest bars made you sick. I haven’t tried them yet but saw that our Smoothie King sells them, so I will try a few flavors soon. I felt really sick after the (one and only) time I ate a Snicker’s Marathon bar.. not if everyone loves those. I’m hoping to do P90X yoga tonight!

      • P90X yoga is the only yoga I like. The others are just too slow and I don’t feel like I’m getting a good workout. With that being said I only do the first half. 🙂 The second half is a whole bunch of stretching and not actual yoga.

  8. Hoping to get in shoulders/back workout, not sure about running today, but if i do it will be an easy 3-4! Sorry about the quest bars! I’ve never tried them, but you’re right everyone seems to love them. I’m not the biggest fan of ShotBloks. I like them pre-run, but if i eat them during i get an upset stomach.

  9. *sigh* Yes we got snow too. I’m looking at it right now through my office window and it’s making me sad.

    Hooray for destination weddings! We had one too. (Turks & Caicos.)

    And YES omg I was given these Vega One smoothies to try and I was violently ill for like 12 hours after. I was supposed to write a blog post about it and the girl emailed me asking where my post was and I told her that I didn’t think she wanted me to review her product.

    My workout today will be 40 minutes on the bike trainer and Bikram yoga later. 🙂

    • Oh man, I bet Turks and Caicos was beautiful! I want to see pics!

      Probably a good idea not to review something that made you sick 😉 I don’t think Quest will be calling me up anytime soon haha.

  10. Oh man, we are getting hit hard here in Nova Scotia today! I got out early for my easy 5 and am going to spend the rest of the day chilling with Lola and watching Breaking Bad….lol. 🙂

    There are certain types of protein powder that makes me sick to my stomach when I eat it. I’ve never tried a Quest bar, but I’ve had Luna bars. Are they any similar?

    • I don’t really know, I found the texture and sweetness levels to be so different from other bars but I can’t specifically compare them to Luna, I haven’t had one in years. I thought they were NOTHING like Clif or Picky bars.

  11. Emmeline! (just felt like doing this haha!) Unfortunately, I suffer from the same issue. I can’t have whipped cream, my tummy can’t take it :((( The Eifell tower!!! I’ll see it in 3 weeks woop woop! Oh, and as for today’s workout, it’s cross train + abs + 30 sqauts as a part of a 30 day challenge 🙂

    PS. Your hair is beautiful as is! ❤ xoxo

  12. Ugh, yes we got snow in Wisconsin again two nights ago! Spring spring, come to us!!

    I have only had one Quest bar, and it didn’t make me sick. But there are SO MANY foods that make me sick that everyone loves. I just learn to stay away from them. I can’t do hardly anything processed without feeling it within hours after eating. Lame, but at least it keeps me eating healthy and natural!

    I tried pool running for the first time this morning! And combined it with leg day 🙂 Awesome workout, indeed!

    • Pool running is SUCH a good workout, you’d never guess but I always get out and my legs feel like jello. And bonus, it’s pretty much impossible to get injured unlike outside!

  13. I haven’t tried Quest bars but I am sooo not on that train. You are the first person who hasn’t obsessed over them. There is so much chemical BS in those things! I never understand all the bloggers who “eat clean” but then eat those ALL the time. I’m sure it’s fine in a pinch, but def. not an everyday thing. Hope Joe likes them so they don’t totally go to waste 🙂

    • I’m okay with having bars now and again (and do when I’m on the run or between classes) but I’m not all up in arms about healthy healthy healthy all the time (duh haha) either. I do think it’s weird though how people who ARE health crazed still act like processed things like that can be good for you.

  14. Yikes. I hope you get to outdoor running soon! We had a freak ice storm back in December and I had to do my Dopey Challenge training for 3 days on the treadmill. That was 32 miserable miles of mind numbingness.

    • I would hate to be relegated inside shortly before a big race like that but I have gotten VERY used to the treadmill this year and have done up to 50 miles in a week inside at times. Not ideal 😦

  15. I think (?) we might be done with snow – although the last few years we’ve gotten random snow storms as late as May (and as early as October).

    I just can’t get on the nut butter train. I don’t know what it is but no no no.

    Got some hill repeats in this morning before the rain started. Now for some rest days!

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