Oops I did it again…

HI!!!! Okay, sorry for the excitement but I missed everyone.  I knew I was going to be busy all last week so I scheduled posts to go up and then…they didn’t.  I still don’t know what happened.  So I have to catch you up on some things.

There has been a LOT of reading.  Nothing you want to hear about (unless you get your rocks off learning about revolutionary literature in the 1790s…doubt it) so we’re moving on.  There has definitely been running:


Especially enjoying the heck out of running on these beautiful sunny days.


And food…obviously.  I just discovered the wonder that is the salads from Cafe Rio and I’ve eaten there three times this week.  They should sponsor me, apparently black beans are my fuel of choice because I’ve been feeling great on my runs all week.


Good ol’ Virginia beer.


You just need to reward yourself with a beer now and again.  Or far too many times this week…but it’s just so right on a gorgeous night.


And we have our niece and nephew in town and my super talented 11 year old niece drew a picture of me:


Ignore the date, she meant 4 but wrote 3.


I love it.  She pretty much nailed the lips I think 🙂  Love the braid too, my hair is in a side braid like 85% of the time.  I’m just amazed in general because my drawings stopped advancing in technique when I was about 5 and she’s all super skilled.


We have them in town for the whole week so we’ll be doing a bunch with the kids all week.  Last night we had all 13 of us for dinner for the first time in about 5 years.  If you’re wondering the 13: Joe’s parents, Joe&I, his sister&brother-in-law, his brother&sister-in-law, our 5 nieces and nephews.  It’s crazy to go from not seeing anyone at all while we were so far away for a couple years to back with EVERYONE.


Can’t wait to catch up on what all of you have been up to!


Do you have any nieces/nephews?  How many and how old are they?  I have 5: 2 nieces ages 11 and 5, 3 nephews ages 10, 8, and 8.

What was your best run last week?  I went for an easy 6 that felt AMAZING in the sunshine, light and easy, only to find out I was running 20 sec/mi faster than my usual easy pace with no additional effort.  It was one of those magical days where everything came together for no good reason.


45 thoughts on “Oops I did it again…

  1. She really is talented! I call it a day with stick people. I’m artsy like that. I’ve seen Cafe Rio salads on people’s blogs and they make me want to go there! No runs for me at all last week!! Grr! Kenny was either working or sick so I couldn’t get out. Today though I am going for a good, hard workout at the gym. Boxjumps are going to make a comeback! Nieces: 3 Nephews: 9!!!

    • Haha braiding is about the only style I can manage, my choices are braid, ponytail, or down. Whenever I try to get creative and copy a tutorial for fun hairstyles I inevitably end up in frustration and with sore arms in front of the mirror refusing to go out at all 😉

  2. THERE YOU ARE!! I was wondering where you got off to and I’m glad you had a good week. This weather has definitely rocked. (And this week is supposed to be even better!)

    That drawing is AMAZING! Your niece is so talented! I have 4 nephews (both of my husband’s sisters have 2 boys apiece). My daughter is the only girl-child in either of our families. Survey says? Spoiled.

    • Sadly nothing too exciting, just busy with research work! But it’ll be really fun to have the kids around this week 🙂 Sounds like Betty is lucky lucky, spoiled as the only girl but all those boy cousins to make her a tough little cookie 😉

  3. Welcome back! I was starting to wonder where you went off to. Your niece is super talented!! I have one niece and she’s 8. She’s really smart and was schooling me on some Greek/Roman mythology this weekend. My best run was the half on Saturday. Well up to mile 10 felt great at least!

  4. Holy crap she’s 11?!! Very talented! Cafe Rio- completely jealous because it’s all I hear Janae from HRG talk about and we don’t have one over here haha. I have no nieces/nephews YET! My boyfriend has 2 siblings and I have 1, so I’m expecting to be an awesome auntie (read- I will spoil the crap outa those kids) at some point 😉

  5. I feel like I hear about Cafe Rio everywhere! It really looks tasty. My favorite run was this morning because it felt more like a fun adventure than just a run. I have two nephews, Kessler is almost one and Deacon is almost three, and they are the most precious beings that have ever existed!

  6. Cool drawing! BTW, I’m a sucker for history, so I wouldn’t mind hearing about what you were reading.
    Yes, I have some neices/nephews, but I don’t know their ages. I’m a bad uncle, ha.
    I’ve started up track workouts again, and even though they hurt, I like doing them!

  7. aww, that drawing is so nice. I can’t draw anything but stick figures and even those aren’t very pretty. I don’t have any nieces and nephews yet but I can’t wait till I do, I’m going to spoil them senseless!!!

    • She made me draw something too and it looked like a child had done it, it was awful. I’m going to get some sort of complex now that my nieces and nephews are taller than me and draw better than me!

    • Thanks! I don’t see 2 of them much, the last time was about 4.5 years ago! They live far away and Joe and I have moved a bunch in that time. The other 3 live right near our parents though so we see them all the time 🙂

  8. I am the oldest in the family, so no nieces or nephews for me 😦 Boooo! Love your braid! I can never do a side braid because a buch of hair comes out right away (I guess layering in front doesn’t help lol!). xoxo

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