I’m turning into a hypochondriac

It was so gorgeous yesterday and I just couldn’t help myself, I waited until the middle of the day and ran in the bright sunshine.  It was a little toasty after the first couple miles but it just felt so good to be running in the sun and warmer temps.


But this is not something you want to see 4.97 miles into a 7 mile run:


Dead Garmin.  It’s now all charged up and ready for today but I pretty much guessed and ran around aimlessly for the end of my run yesterday since I was on a different loop than I usually run.


I’ve decided that running is trying to turn me into a hypochondriac.  Once you’ve had a pretty nasty injury (for me the plantar fasciia tear and the two torn knee ligaments), every pain becomes a potential future injury in your head.  Rationally, I know that having sore shins from needing to run 3 consecutive days on concrete is normal and just a reaction to the fact that I normally run on dirt, but in my head I’m like “ahhh maybe it’s going to be a stress fracture if I run on it tomorrow…but I think maybe not tomorrow so I’ll run on it tomorrow but then definitely not the next day.”  Then by the next day, it’s better anyway.  But I have a mini internal freak out when I first notice any new niggle.


We have a little experiment coming today…I’m going to try to take my sister-in-law’s dog for a run.  My own dogs don’t like to run with me (they’re sprinters, not distance runners) so I’ve never run with a dog and they don’t run with him either like on full-on distance runs but he’s very active and runs constantly and the breed is supposedly built for running.  I’m going to do the first few miles alone then loop back and grab him and try to make it around 2 with him and get him some exercise.  If it goes well, I forsee me trying to convince Stevie that running 6 miles is her new favorite activity, to replace chasing squirrels in circles in the backyard.



Do you run with a dog?

Do you freak out about all the random pains that come with running?



44 thoughts on “I’m turning into a hypochondriac

  1. I think running turns everyone into a bit of a hypochondriac. It’s impossible to do it without getting aches and pains from time to time so I’m always try to figure out if I’m being overly cautious or underly cautious about something that hurts. I’ve never run with a dog but would love to, when I get one I’m going to go for a breed that’s good for running….. and then maybe I’ll throw in a couple pugs too just for fun 🙂

    • Both of mine should have been great at running but they only like to do it on their terms haha. My next one needs to be a real runner! Too bad I’ll just fall for the first cute face at the rescue 😉

  2. I can totally relate to your random freak outs. Ever since my knee injury, I second guess EVERY feeling, every run… everything. Oh and remember the pain on the side of my foot that only happens when I roll it out? The one I went to the podiatrist for a week and a half ago? Still there. Not any better, not any worse. WTH????

      • He seems to think my peroneal tendon is a little irritated. Was adamant that it’s NOT tendonitis. But it is not any better at all. Sometimes I forget about it because, like I said, it only hurts if I roll my foot out- which I never do. But sometimes I just test it and it’s like, “yup, okay, still hurts!”

  3. I run with my 1.5 year old Golden Retriever. She loves it! Every time she sees me putting on my running shoes, she runs to the door and sits. Her enthusiasm keeps me motivated on runs 🙂

    • That’s so cute! I would love that 🙂 It must be impossible to skip runs with her around, I hate disappointing my pups so I’d be guilted into going even when I didn’t feel like it 🙂

  4. bahaha yes you’re so right. I freak out about every ache now and I’m half convinced I’m going to injure myself and be out for the season. I love running with the dog but only if I can keep him off leash. Sometimes on leash he’s a bit annoying (but that’s because he stays so close and runs into my knees). He makes me run faster though. Have fun!

    • I am always in awe of dogs well behaved enough to run off leash. Mine would be like lalalala I’m running…SQUIRREL! And charge off at a sprint for a mile until they look around and realize I’m not there…

  5. i’ve been freaking out about small pains for the last year because of an injury. Since january i’ve been really trying to push my body, but stay smart about running faster and longer. I think i’m succeeding so far… the marathon awaits!

    • Raising mileage or running faster brings it out in me like crazy…like every ache is for sure a stress fracture because I’m running more than ever, etc. and then it never has been anything, my only injuries have come from fluke accidents haha.

  6. I wishhhh my dog would run with me. But he’s a Bernese Mountain Dog. Big, black, heavy, and just wouldn’t be able to run in a straight line without sniffing EVERYTHING we passed! 🙂

    Dead watches are THE WORST on runs. But then I always round up on what I think my mileage ends up being 😉 haha!

    • Haha that sounds like my boy, he’s big, black, and SO fluffy so he overheats like crazy. And he’s super strong so he stops to sniff every few seconds and I come crashing back because he’s strong than me haha.

  7. YES. Ever since February every twinge is life threatening. I hate it and I need to get over it.

    I’ve never run with a dog. We have cats and I imagine that wouldn’t work out too well. I’d love to try it sometime but the only dogs I have access are arthritic. 😦 I hope Stevie loves it!

  8. Ah! I am so jealous! I can’t wait to run with Bella. However, I was told that I shouldn’t make her push herself until she is 1.5 years old. Another 1 year and 1 month to wait… welp…. I don’t know if it’s a German Shepherd thing only… I hope it goes well for you! xoxo

  9. Haha, I do freak out when leading up to a race and I feel a pain or a cold coming on. I’d hate to miss a race because of a late training injury or illness.
    I do run with our younger dog. The older one is getting bad hips so I can’t take her anymore. One time we were dogsitting and I decided to take our dog and the dog we were watching on a run. Apparently the owners never even take it on walks because about 2-3 miles in I noticed a lot of blood coming from it’s paws. The pad had worn through and come off on it’s puppy feet! I felt so bad because we still had to walk back home. The pup is ok now though.

      • They’re both mutts. They were strays the shelter picked up (at different times). The smart one looks like Donkey from Shrek (but black). The dumb one looks like a cross between a lab and a pit bull. I take him on my long runs sometimes, and he’s so dumb he doesn’t even know that he should be tired and panting, he just keeps going like it’s nothing, haha.

  10. I could definitely see how you would freak out over any little pain with all your serious injuries! I stress out a little bit and think, “OMG please be DOMS or a bruise.” I’ll take my runs easy or stick to cross training until I’m certain that the pain was nothing.
    I like running with my dog! It makes the time fly by. I can only run 3 miles with her though. She doesn’t trust water that doesn’t come out of her bowl at home. We have a portable bowl that I bring on walks, but she sometimes won’t drink from it and I don’t want to take her on a long run and take that chance.

  11. I’ve never run with a dog, but YES I freak out when I feel the slightest pain. If it sticks around for a few minutes, I stop and stretch–I swear that stretching my butt fixes 90% of my pain.

    • I never stop during an actual run but I’ll stretch or foam roll like a maniac when I get home if there was pain and it’s almost always gone the next day with that extra attention paid to it. Probably just my body telling me I need to work on my flexibility more!

  12. I have miniture dachshunds so running with them is out but we do go to the park and play chase. Suprisingly they’re pretty fast for dogs that weight 7 pounds.

    I do freak out a bit about random pains. Generally I do the whole r.i.c.e. thing before I go to the doctor. 99 percent of the time it’s nothing.

    • Me too. I think as long as you’re rational about it and just use the scare to baby yourself a little more, it’s a great thing. Not so great if you freak out and hit the doctor every 2 weeks 😉

  13. I’m not sure that I freak out about pains, but I have learned to take them seriously. Usually I can prevent injuries with some early icing, stretching and strength training. It’s made things so much better now that I know what to watch out be for and treat proactively.

      • I had some IT band trouble at my knee because of week glutes. I also have an ongoing battle with posterior tibial tendonitis. A few years ago the doctor said I was a few weeks away from stress fractures and needed stop running for a bit. Now I’m really aware of the tendonitis and know that it’s not just a normal side effect of running and what I need to do to keep it under control.

  14. I’ve added ‘running partner’ to my list of reasons why I need a dog. I could probably borrow our friends dog to see how it works out for me! With all your injuries I would get worried too. If I feel slight pain in my knees I started to get all worried and think ;maybe I should stop!’ but then 5 minutes later the pain is gone and I got all worked up for nothing. A dead Garmin is the worst, especially with a new route so you don’t know quite how far you ran!

  15. I would love a dog to run with but I just can’t convince my boyfriend that we should get one right now. Some day………

    I totally get runner’s hypochondria. I’m working through some injuries right now and if I feel pain anywhere new I start to freak out. I sometimes forget that running can cause normal aches and pain and to just continue RICEing and doing everything my physiotherapist tells me to do.

    • Just send him pictures of cute puppies until he breaks haha 😉 It’s so hard to tell yourself that all the aches and pains are normal, especially when you know people who’ve missed months of training because of stress fractures or whatnot but learning how to read what is a potential future injury is such an ongoing multi-year process and you just get better at every day. At least you’ve got a physio to help guide you through anything that concerns you!

      • I know. I’m such a running newbie that I don’t feel like I have the experience yet to tell the difference between normal running pain and actual injury. I definitely need my physio to hold my hand!

  16. My dogs are more sniffers than runners, but sometimes when I’m walking them and I can tell that they’re a little “zesty”, I walk/run them. Unfortunately, that’s the only form of running I’m getting right now. 😦 still!
    It’s better than nothing and I truly love the quality time I get with my dogs. There’s nothing better than walk/running them and having them give you that true look of appreciation. You’ll be enjoying that moment of running with your dog, and you look down and see them staring at you with nothing but adoration. It truly makes the inside of me light up. I may sound like a crazy dog lady, but I don’t care! If you’re a dog lover, you’ll know what I mean when it happens…

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