Gotta love spring

It may be dropping in temps again (only 55 today and dropping to high 40s tomorrow!) but we had one heck of a week with great weather and it was the perfect time for my brother-in-law and his family to be visiting.  And for the first time in FOREVER I did all of my runs outside and have the tiniest beginnings of a Garmin tan 🙂


Waking up to the flowers coming out is amazing.


I waited a little too long to hit the trails I guess, it was over 70 degrees by the time 8am rolled around.  But it was fantastic!  My runs were SO MUCH BETTER the last few times out, the rest day after the truly awful one did a world of good.  I’ve been feeling strong and easy.


It peaked at about 85 degrees, perfect for a cookout before the family had to leave.  Side note: I brought home no shorts other than running shorts so I’ve been in jeans in this heat the last few days.  Not my favorite!  I also left my hair dryer and makeup at our house.  These have not been my most attractive days haha.  Lucky for me, my older niece decided to help out and get creative playing with my hair:


And we took goofy photos while we were waiting for Joe to cook us some delicious steak:

2014-04-14 19.38.06

Yep, she’s bigger than me.  11 years old and at least 4 inches taller than me.


The steak was perfect.  Yay for our first cookout in ~8 months!


I have no pictures of the three boys, who ran around like absolute freaking banshees all night.  I have a few of my youngest niece, which she took as selfies with my phone.  They are as blurry as you’d expect a 5 year old’s photos to be 😉


What else do you do to celebrate spring?  Paint your nails festively of course.  This color just felt spring-like to me.


And maybe everyone doesn’t do this, but I sure as heck go out for ice cream the first time we have an 80+ degree day.  We went to Dairy Queen and while I know most people would get sundaes or blizzards, I’m a 4 year old at heart and get vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles every single time.


Fun fact: My dog tried to knock me over and steal this from me.  They both love ice cream (but Slider is the only one big enough to knock me over).  So we put them in the car (Slider’s #1 favorite thing in the world) and drove them to McDonald’s and bought them dollar cones.  Slider ate his sloppily and quickly and Stevie was a little princess as usual.  We have a video (which entertained my 5 year old niece on repeat at the dinner table) but I can’t get it to upload here 😦  You’ll just have to take my word for it that they’re just as big of fans of ice cream as I am 🙂



Did you do anything to get out and enjoy the nice weather? (besides running!)

What’s your favorite kind of ice cream?

Girls, do you paint your nails according to the seasons/weather?  I sort of do, I love breaking out the neons in the summer but I’ll wear dark colors anytime too.


35 thoughts on “Gotta love spring

  1. Sprinkles are the best ice cream topping ever.

    I am a seasonal nail kinda gal. Now that it is spring, I am sporting pink every day, and will until it is fall and I switch to my dark colors.

  2. The weather is great! even with it dropping to the 50’s a bit it’s still better than before. It’s funny that your dogs love ice-cream, I guess they just have good taste 🙂 I’m pretty fond of all the ice-cream flavors but I really love coffee related flavors.

  3. I was outside all day on Sunday and my back go so sunburned! I was constantly putting sunscreen on my son, I guess I should have used a little myself. When I do paint my fingernails I am seasonal about it. I like pastels in the spring, bright pinks in the summer and then more neutral/darker colors in the fall and winter.

      • Colin has the most awesome tan lines ever!! I don’t think I have ever seen him burn, he just immediately gets tan. No fair. Between his cycling jersey and now tri top I don’t think his tan lines are going anywhere.

  4. In the summer I always paint my nails some variation of pink. Either hot pink, coral pink or rose pink, I just love it! Make me feel festive for the season. I usually stick to the same colours in the winter but sometimes I paint them cooler winter colours like greys. And that ice cream looks amazing! I love the sprinkles

  5. Oh yes we went to the baseball game on Sunday and even though we lost horribly it was so nice to be outside. It was probably the most enjoyable baseball loss I’ve ever watched.

    That steak looks amazing! I can’t wait to BBQ! (I was kind of hoping we could this weekend, but it’s looking like it still might be a little too cold.) Love your nails too. Definitely a springtime color.

    • I’m totally looking forward to the weather being consistently nice enough that we can have cookouts every week or two!

      I have a lot of memories of 90 degree days in the stands at Camden Yards eating Dippin Dots 😉 I hope you had fun!!

  6. Hahaha oh my Slider is hilarious! That’s too cute that you bought them ice cream. This is what I picture when you took your dogs:

    I’m not a huge ice cream girl- I prefer frozen yogurt over ice cream. And I love bringing the bright nail polish colors out for the spring and summer, but like you I would wear darks any time.

  7. The weather has been so great in CA too. Spent yesterday afternoon hanging out in the back yard with the dogs and got a little sunburned on my arms. Totally worth it.

    I’m not a huge ice cream fan but my hubby loves cookies and cream.

  8. garmin tan?? so exciting!
    the first time I read the part about the ice cream I thought it said “my dad tried to knock me over and steal this from me” HAHA
    I don’t paint my nails–I bite them and would probably get poisoned, and they chip asap whenever I do paint them

  9. So many things: so many yummy things! first of all, I love that braid and that nail polish. I really am craving a steak and some ice cream right about now!

  10. JP and I have been playing tennis at the park since the weather’s gotten nice. I’ve never played, and never appreciated what a workout it is! Favorite ice cream? Cherry Garcia – I can eat an entire pint in one sitting!

  11. I can’t believe how warm it’s gotten in that part of the world! I’m happy for everyone that had to suffer through the seemingly unending cold. A cookout on a nice warm day is exactly what I’d be doing too.

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