So many questions!

I had three very sweet blogger friends nominate me for Liebster Awards last week so a big thank you to Lauren, the Half Mad Runner, and Kristina for thinking of me!  So, lucky you, you get to read THREE sets of answers and learn way more about me than you thought you would today.  You all probably already know the drill by now, I answer the questions put forth by these ladies, and then nominate a few blogs of my own and give them a different set of questions to answer!

Lauren’s Questions:

1. What is your favorite sport to watch on tv/in person: Ouch.  This is a tie.  I’m a HUGE football fan and remain glued to the tv all day every Saturday in the fall (yes, Saturday, NCAA>NFL).  But I grew up playing and watching soccer and I don’t know that even football ranks above it.


2. Pancakes, waffles, or french toast?  Waffles!  I make good pancakes though 🙂

3. Do you have any interesting nicknames? I don’t think any that would qualify as “interesting” but my nickname in high school was “Duchess,” often abbreviated to “Dutch.”  One of my best friends started it when she met me at age 14, but it was picked up by my soccer and basketball teams and boyfriends too.  Bonus points if you can guess why Katie started calling me that.

4. What is your biggest running-related goal?  Hmm.  Well, I have a secret one that I’m not sharing but I’d really really really like to win a race.  And not just win because there are 20 people and I ran a slow time but not the slowest (though I’ll take it for now! haha) but win a decent sized race because I put up a great time and beat some serious runners (not Kenyans though, duh…I’m not that fast).

5. Do you run before or after work? Because of grad school, it changes.  I’ll run before I have to hit the library but after early meetings, it all depends.  And if it’s a day that I’m just home writing or researching, I love just going whenever I’m feeling the most pumped to run.

6. What was your high school mascot?  I have two, special me.  Panthers and Bruins!

7. Have you ever lived in another country? Indeed I have!  France just for a summer for study abroad but England for a total of 3 years.  Living in another country for at least a year as an adult was on my bucket list so I’m really happy to say I’ve done this.

56 59

8. How many alarms do you set in the morning?  Most days, zero.  I just wake up early.  But one is enough if I need to be up for something specific, I’m a very light sleeper.

9. What are your top three pet peeves?  This is hard to think about off the top of my head.  One is definitely misspellings.  I can’t think of others but I know there are many haha.  Lots of things I hate aren’t really pet peeves, it’s more frustration with people who can’t follow basic rules of human decency.  When I think of pet peeves I think of people who say “quote unquote” or “intensive purposes” and just make me want to crawl in a hole and hide from them.

10. How do you feel about the new “Girl Meets World” show? I have no feelings on it really, I watched BMW a bit when I was younger but I was never that big of a fan and it’s unlikely I’ll ever see an episode of this new one.


Half Mad Runner’s Questions:

1.  If I was coming to your city and could race only one race, what would you recommend?  Haha if you’re talking about where I live specifically, you are out of luck, we have no races.  The closest race to me is a 50 mile trail race so I hope you’re an ultra fan!  It’s beautiful here though, I love the forests and trails 🙂   If you’re looking for the closest big city, I’d give the win to the Marine Corps Marathon and recommend it to anyone.

2.  Almond Butter or Peanut Butter?  Almond butter.

3.  Your favorite running shoe company has just offered to sponsor you to run 50 halves in 50 states.  It’s all expense paid, plus you get to bring a friend.  Who (dead or alive, famous or not) do you want to run with?   Ok, this just sounds awesome in general.  I’d actually just want to run with Joe but Brooks better have some magical powers that can turn him into a runner first!  I just prefer to travel with him, I have more in common with him than with my friends so we tend to agree all the time on what to see/do.


At a soccer game in Italy 2006


4.  What is your must have, can’t  live without running gadget?  Garmin.  I hate not knowing how far/fast my runs are and I’m such a dork about analyzing my stats and making sure I’m staying right where I need to in my training.

5.  Dream race-station location?  Race-station?  Like an aid station?  Or just dream race location?  Okay since I don’t know which one (and the first one makes no sense to me haha) I’ll say middle of nowhere Iceland.  I know Reykjavik has one (and I’d still like to do it!) but I really want to run out in the middle of nowhere in the beautiful countryside rather than amongst the city buildings.

6.  Runderwear or no?  I wouldn’t rule it out, but I prefer the tiny spandex shorts.  I just think it looks better on me (and most people).

7.  Are you as annoyed as I am by the signs & shirts that say, “Run like Ryan Gosling is waiting for you at the finish line?”  I don’t want him to see me all sweaty and gross.   Haha well, I’m not attracted to him so it doesn’t motivate me in the slightest.  I don’t like the idea of those signs in general though, that kind of thing would never motivate me.  But I firmly believe you should do whatever motivates you to push harder at the hard parts in races so if you need someone to hold up a sign like that for you at mile 22, by all means GO FOR IT.   I’m a competitive freak so one of my favorite signs was one that had race times of a bunch of famous people on it and I loved feeling like I was ticking off targets as I ran.

8.  How many running related stickers do you have on your car?  Just one!  26.2.

9.  What’s the most annoying thing you’ve had to deal with on a race course?  Clearly the idiot who knocked me over and tore my knee ligaments.

10.  Pen and paper or technology?  Pen and paper.  I still write all my notes out in longhand for my research and only type them up right before I submit.

11.  How far out do you start your training schedule?  16 weeks for a marathon, usually 12 for a half.



Kristina’s Questions:

1.  Where do you draw inspiration from?  For just about anything, from someone who is successful at whatever it may be.  For my professional work, from people who were in my position and are now established in the field and from my supervisors.  In running, from elites and sub-elites, but particularly those who started later in life like me or who have achieved a lot despite continuing to not be professional and/or still work full-time (people like Michael Wardian, masters runners, sub-elites who win races but aren’t sponsored, etc).

2. Stolen from Leigh Anne- you favorite vacation spot?  This is hard because I don’t like to go back to the same place.  Not that I wouldn’t, so many places I’ve loved so much and would love to go back, but I make the choice not to because there is so much of the world left to see and a second trip to Australia, for instance, means I might never see Cambodia.  So I don’t have a recurring favorite vacation spot, but my favorite places I’ve been are South Africa, New Zealand, Rome, and Croatia.

Africa 753 dubrovnik26

I must really like taking photos at sunset.


3. Food you will never, ever try?  EASY.  Balut. Or anything currently alive as I eat it.

4. Food that you haven’t tried, but are totally desperate to try?  Hmm.  Not one kind of food per se, although I’m sure there is something I can’t think of at this moment, but I’m so desperate to eat sushi in Japan.  I’m a massive sushi fan and Joe and I really want to go to Japan one day and eating at one of the Michelin-starred sushi restaurants is a must for us.

5. Most memorable “foodie” moment/ most memorable meal?  THANK YOU FOR THE BEST QUESTION EVER.  I am a massive foodie, not that you could tell from my pizza and cake issues.  I’ve eaten at several Michelin-starred restaurants and had some great meals, including two Michelin meals on our last trip to Paris but my favorite meal was at a little place in Paris with no stars and simple decor that serves only duck.  Well, all but one or two things on their menu anyway.  Both Joe and I think it was the best meal we’ve ever had and the service was great, too.  It was the best, most romantic night in the most casual setting.  There was a toaster on every table!  We had duck appetizers, duck main courses, and creme brulee for dessert.  I’d go back in a heartbeat and it’s on our must-do list for every time we are back in Paris.

Paris 024 Paris 023 Paris 025

6. Have you climbed/hiked a mountain?  Where? I have!  I climbed Mount Washington with a good friend when I was 18.  It holds many of the records for awful weather (wind, cold, fog) in the U.S. and was really interesting to climb as two rather petite girls.

7. What accomplishment are you most proud of?  I think graduating at the top of my class with my M.A. degree, I worked my butt off for that and I was so proud of the work I did throughout the program.

8.  A goal of yours that makes you shake in your boots, just a little?  Publishing a book someday.

9.  Place you would move to if given the ideal opportunity?  There are so many places that could be my ideal but Park City, Nashville area, or somewhere in Texas.

10. Celebrity that makes you cringe?  Lindsay Lohan.



For my nominees, I’d like to pick some of the people I’ve discovered more recently (in the last month or two) so I’m sorry if you’ve done this six million times!








I know it’s not 10 but almost everyone I know has already been nominated recently!  I guess that’s why this exists, so we can find new blogs and runner friends 🙂


Your questions:


1. You have unlimited space and resources, how many pets do you have and what kind?

2. What sports/activities did you do as a young child (prior to age 12-ish)?

3. What is the first thing you do when you visit your hometown? (other than seeing family/friends)

4. You get an all expense paid vacation anywhere you want but only for a week (no around the world trips!), where do you go?

5. Favorite American city to visit and why?

6. What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list?

7. What novel has been the most influential at any stage in your life?

8. You can choose: be able to run for life but never get faster than a 9:00/mi or you get the next year to be amazing and win marathons but then you can never run again.  Which do you choose?  (aka the Achilles question)

9. Do you have the same favorite color as when you were a child? What is it now/then?

10. Favorite article of clothing?


Everyone else: answer one or all in the comments!




40 thoughts on “So many questions!

  1. Love reading these!

    My favorite color is still the same… pink. When I was little I wouldn’t wear anything unless is was pink and would complain if my mom bought something and didn’t get it in pink (even if it didn’t come in that color). While I am not quiet as obnoxious about it now, it’s still my fave.

  2. I always love reading these q and a posts! I find the Ryan Gosling question particularly amusing, Ryan Gosling is great and all but I’m pretty sure food is my biggest running motivation 😉

    • Haha in my first marathon, I planned out like a month in advance where I would be eating afterward. I didn’t even want to take a big lunch to make sure I had plenty of room for dinner!

  3. I’m going to answer question #1 that you wrote- I would get 2 more cats and 2 dogs. 🙂 But I would need a fenced in yard first and a bigger house! I totally hat to google Balut and now I have lost my appetite!! Oh, very good recommendation for the 50 mile trail race near your home! 😉

  4. I swear these never get old… it gives a little insight into your world that we may not otherwise see or read about…. I will say my my hands down favorite US city is NYC… There’s just something about that city that makes me smile even just saying it…. the food, the people (though they aren’t everybody’s cup of tea), the bakeries, the culture, the museums the Broadway shows, central park… the list goes on… LOVE LOVE LOVE

    Also, my all time favorite color and it has been for as long as I can remember is pink… I remember that people always tried to force purple on me and I would get sooo offended… as audrey hepburn once said “I believe in pink”

    • Now you’re making ME miss NYC! My fav US city is San Francisco though 🙂

      I had no idea Audrey Hepburn said that! Or that she was a big fan of pink. Learn something new every day 😉

      • I have never been to San Francisco but I have heard amazing things about it and I have no doubt that I would fall in love with it as well….

        The quote says “I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe tomorrow is another day. I believe in miracles.” I love this quote… I have it on my daughters wall in her nursery/bedroom:)

  5. First of all thank you so much for thinking of me! I am very honored. And I love your blog. 🙂

    Also you have had such a cool life! Living overseas is a bucket list thing for me too, but I doubt it will happen. I settled for cross country. And it’s nice to know that there’s another person out there who isn’t attracted to Ryan Gosling. I was beginning to think I had something wrong with me.

  6. My favorite article of clothing is my Diva Jeans from Old Navy. I never get to wear them since I can’t wear jeans at my job but they are so comfortable with the right amount of stretch. Love those jeans.

  7. Yay! Thanks for the nomination. I’ll be checking out those other blogs too. Your #4 from Kristina is on my list of food experiences I want to have too!!

  8. Are you a BUCKEYE?!!!! I got so excited when I saw your football picture 🙂 I went to Ohio State and haven’t been able to go back yet for a game since I graduated in 2011, it makes me cry every time I think about it. There is nothing in the world like an Ohio State football game. Hoping to go to one this coming fall!

      • That’s awesome! Always wanted to do that marathon, but I didn’t really start running until after I left. Maybe I’ll have to sign up and do it too!

  9. Question #1: a stable full of horses, and five more Basset Hounds because I love them, and because i want to dress up as Snow White and the 7 Dwarves for Halloween. With the Bassets being Dwarves, of course! AND…favorite American city to visit? Charleston, SC.

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