Busy blogger bee

HAPPY MARATHON MONDAY!! I’m watching Boston this morning while sending happy vibes to Heather, Lauren, Kristina, Nicole, and everyone else running Boston today (and Shalane and Desi!!).  This was one of the busiest weekends I’ve had in a while with my dad’s birthday, Easter with both families, running, and a blogger date all happening. 


Friday I met up with Cori for a blogger date that we’ve been talking about for ages.  We had beer and yummy food and chatted seriously forever.  We could probably pass tests on each other now.  Super much fun and she’s seriously my new best friend (whether she likes it or not haha).  And really cool and pretty in person 🙂  We are terrible bloggers because we completely forgot to take a single picture until we had already finished eating and drinking and saved them for midnight in an empty mall after a decent amount of beer, which results in pictures like this:



But we did try to get one or two decent ones! 




Saturday morning my run was less than thrilling (maybe garlic fries and beer aren’t the best pre-run food? I refuse to believe that) but I cranked out a tempo 6 and did some very exciting schoolwork until dinner.  Joe and I are lucky because our parents only live 5 minutes from each other so for Thanksgiving, Easter, etc we usually do dinner with both families in the same day so we don’t miss out on celebrating with anyone.  This year, my parents wanted to do Easter dinner Saturday night instead because they had to pick up our traditional Easter seafood Saturday afternoon and it would be better fresh.  It was super delicious.


And we had peanut butter cake for my dad’s birthday.  Joe and my mom made it while I was out with Cori on Friday. 




Seafood must be way better as running fuel because my 12 mile run Sunday went swimmingly 🙂  I’ve been seriously slacking on upper body the last 2 weeks though so even though today is my rest day, I’ll be doing an hour long upper back and arms workout.  I’d love to have some guns to show off in my tank tops this summer haha. 



For those that celebrate, what do you usually have to eat for Easter?

Ever met anyone you met from blogging?


33 thoughts on “Busy blogger bee

  1. I’m working on my guns too for summer! 🙂

    We had a non-traditional Easter this year and had a cookout- we usually have the normal ham+stuff, but it was so nice we planned a cookout.

    Never met anyone in person from blogging…yet. I can’t wait to attend the FitBloggin’ conference though so I can meet a bunch of other bloggers! 🙂

  2. Ahhh that must have been the most fun meet up! You guys are both so awesome!! And all that seafood looks delicious. It sounds like a very yummy weekend over there!

    My family makes ham usually, but I don’t eat ham. So I had turkey instead. (And then like 4 desserts.)

    • I don’t eat ham either! My husband’s family usually does ham but I just eat sides after all my seafood 😉 This year I got lucky though and we had tasty steak.

      You should come on down to Virginia and we can have a winery meetup 😉

  3. awwww, your blogger date pics are so cute 🙂 and geez! that is one tall peanut butter cake, sounds like heaven to me!

      • It’s like a thing! So I can’t remember even who it is now, but we’re meeting at Sprinkles in DC the day before the Nike Women’s Half in DC. Should be fun, but I hope I’m like cool in real life and people don’t come away thinking I’m annoying or lame or something….

  4. Pahaha you girls are adorable! I’ve only met one blogger friend in person so far! She’s the sweetest! Love that your parents live so close together! Kyle and I only live 4 miles apart (while we currently live at home) and I didn’t even think about that and how easy it will make the holidays (once we finally move out)!

  5. I love the dual-posts from you and Cori … looks like you had a great time! Funny about the pics – but you got some fun ones anyway!

    I made a baked French toast for brunch and Lisa made spiced bacon, so we had a great morning – then yard work with the kids, tried a bike-ride, but Lisa had a tire blow out less than a mile in … oh well. Grilled ribs and kale-spinach gluten-free pasta salad for dinner 🙂

  6. Nice! Haha, I love the tipsy mall yoga/bench photos. I do like to eat salmon or sushi the night before a long run, I think it helps!
    I did meet a blogger friend at the Dopey Challenge in Disney World. I only recognized her because she was in costume, and had posted a photo of it on her blog beforehand. Very cool

  7. You two look like you had a lot of fun! I cannot imagine having beer and garlic fries the night before a run. You’re more brave than I am!

    We did a BBQ at my house on Saturday and a turkey dinner at my in-laws house on Sunday.

    I’ve never met anybody through blogging. I feel like it’d probably be really awkward at first.

  8. We usually have ham and turkey for our Easter meal (with sides of course), but I was so happy we went out while we were in SC because we actually got to have seafood for once! Nobody in my family eats it but me and JP. I wouldn’t have minded being with your family on Easter! Lol

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