Whoops, my bad

Obviously, I’ve been missing since forever.  Sadly, it’s been for nothing fun or exciting but for an absurd amount of work that I needed to get done.  I have two chapters of my dissertation that I’ve been simultaneously researching and writing and I have 7 more weeks of intense research but a huge chunk of hard work is out of the way so I can be back to consistent blogging again (and running, for that matter!).  If you want to see an example of what I’ve been up to, these are the latest books I’ve grabbed at the library…as in, this is my “to read” pile for this week and next week these go back and I get new ones.  There are actually a few more next to my bed but we’ll pretend this is the full picture.

photo 2(11)

I was still running 6 days/week for the first few weeks I was home visiting and trying to balance home and all this work, but I’ve moved to 4 days/week partly because of the work and partly because I’ve had my posterior tibial tendon acting a bit fussy.  I’ve been religiously doing strengthening work though 5-6 days each week and my last 2 weeks of running have had zero pain so I think I’m clear there (as long as I continue the rehab!) and I’m moving back to 6 days now.  And obviously, I’m still refueling like a champ:

photo 1(10) 20140420_082748


Home was great, and I’m sorry I shared so little (though you totally saw one of the best parts…my date with Cori!).  I definitely fell very far off the healthy eating wagon but I enjoyed every second of my Cafe Rio nights.  You really cannot go wrong with a salad that weighs more than your arm:


And I got highlights…which is completely irrelevant to everything but makes me feel summery:


Side note…I hate when people try to flatten the crap out of my hair when I get it styled. Also, it’s really hard to capture long hair in a photo when you are short and have correspondingly short arms.


Oh, and I doubt you’ll notice it on the blog, but Joe is sure getting an earful of it every five minutes…I miss my puppies.  My parents (and Joe’s parents for a few weeks!) are watching them for us while we do the whole moving process and get things finished up with all the logistics that come with moving nearly everything you own.  It’s so weird not having them around and we miss them a ton, though it’s a lot easier to sleep in when the little one doesn’t lick your face and jump all over you as soon as the sun comes out.

20140421_133326 20140421_133301

She looks like she’s just soaking up the rays.


Today’s plan is 6 at easy pace followed by approximately six million pages of reading and then rewarding myself with my favorite pizza tonight!! I haven’t had pizza in AGES because there’s nothing good near where our parents live in Virginia and Joe has been dying to get one ever since we got back.




Any PRs in the last month I need to know about?  I’ve been living in a 1790s cave so spill!

Anyone injured? (please say no!)

Give me three things you are most looking forward to this summer!


47 thoughts on “Whoops, my bad

  1. Welcome back! My left knee has been acting up again, so I’m taking it easy at the moment. We are getting to Paris tomorrow; I need to email you for suggestions! Good luck with that reading list…

  2. That’s A LOT of reading! I hope the rest of your thesis writing goes well! I have a hip injury, but it’s feeling a lot better and I plan to do some easy runs this week.

  3. Welcome back! I for one missed you. Oh I can’t wait until you see your doggies again! You should video tape the reunion so we can see them go nuts. Sometimes I youtube vids of soldiers coming back from deployment being greeted by their dogs just for a happy cry. 🙂

  4. wowser, that is one heck of a book pile! Kudos to you for working so hard 🙂 I love the new highlights, yay for summer!!! I’m looking forward to smore’s, BBQ’s, and cold desserts. So all the food basically 😉

  5. Woah you have been BUSY! I missed you in blogland 🙂 I’m glad you’re getting back into running more again and I hope you enjoy your pizza! It’s been awhile since I’ve had any and considering it’s my favorite food, that is pretty much a tragedy.

    • I’ve missed your posts! Though I kept up for the most part and loving that you’re running so much again 🙂 I thought you’d have me covered on the pizza front though, looks like we both need some serious pizza time!

  6. Welcome back 🙂 It must be tough having to do all that work and not getting any time to decompress with your pups. Sometimes I feel like that’s the only thing that will de-stress me.

    3 things for this summer are camping, horseback riding, and going to the beach.

      • We just go to state parks that have campgrounds. You should definitely go. It’s always so fun and a lot of places are great about letting you bring dogs 🙂

  7. Whoa that is a large pile of books!! While I do LOVE to read and write, I never enjoyed the research side of it. More power to you! No PRs or injuries for me. I’m looking forward to many weekends at the beach, many hours of sunlight and hopefully getting back on my bike!

    • Are you thinking of training for a tri or are you just going to bike for fun? Has it been a huge temperature shock to come back to GA? I hate how rough those first runs feel!

      • The temperature change has been VERY rough! It was still a little cool when we left, then the weather in SA was perfect, and when we got back to GA it was full blown hot. I have my eyes set on a duathlon in August. Plus, the training plan I’m starting to follow calls for two days of cross training and cycling is one of those. If I can find the time to start swimming again I’d LOVE to do a tri this year, but I’m just not sure if that will be able to fit in.

  8. You’re back you’re back!!! We missed you! That food looks amazing and your hair looks great!
    I’m sorry to hear about the tendon issues, but so glad you are pain free again now. No injuries to report over here ::knock on wood:: Just starting my taper. 🙂

  9. Welcome back. Yikes… that work load is crazy. Glad your pain seems to have gone away. Sorry your boys aren’t around, you’ll have them back soon enough.

    PR’S – fiancé and I both have two new PR’S in the last two weeks, 5k and 10k.
    Injured – No, I also started strength training and my ITB pain is pretty much gone.
    Summer – Marathon training, marathon training, and marathon training. !!!!

    • Wow, 2 PRs in 2 weeks for both of you is crazy! Congrats you two 🙂 and I’m glad the strength program is helping your IT band, perfect for the start of your marathon training and all those miles!

  10. Oh hey there you! 😉

    No PRs for me, in fact there has been no running. 😦 I’m not injured, but I have a super nasty cold and I can barely breathe to run up the stairs right now. :S

    Imagine how sweet it will be to see your furry friends again!

  11. Your ‘to read’ pile looks like my DVR’s ‘to watch’ list. Way to refuel like a boss!
    No PR’s, but I did win my age group in a 5k a few weeks ago. Looking to PR a 10k later this month, but we’ll see.

      • I’ve only actually done 2 in my life. My last one was in Nov 2012. I finished in like 47:30 or something in a crowded course. I’d like to break 45 if possible, we’ll see. I just remember the last race hurt like a 5k, but of course was twice as long.

  12. WHOA that pile of books! Good luck with all of that; you’re a champ! And I’m glad your tendon is feeling better. No PRs (or races) in the last month for me. Marathon in 2 weeks away! (and not expecting a PR there either, ha)

    • Haha it has been a SUPER long time since I’ve PRed so no judgment here. Which marathon is coming up for you? And have you considered doing a nice flat one like maybe Columbus in the fall? 😉

      • the Bayshore marathon in traverse city, MI. You know, I’ve considered Columbus! (ha I’m ONLY considering flat marathons). I haven’t decided yet if I’ll do a full this fall

  13. Highlights are essential!
    No PRs here…I don’t run for speed anymore. But we did do our physical fitness test today at work and I lapped all the guys and came in first 🙂
    Summer…I love summer, but it means tons of work for me!

  14. Yayyyy! Welcome back! Good luck with all your reading and writing!!! No injuries but my knee has been bugging me a little since I switch to Pure Flows. I think I’m going to go back to my Wave Inspires and ignore my doctor…

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