Today I’m powered by pizza

Last night, I had pizza as promised.  It was everything I hoped for.  SO GOOD.


Pulled pork, red jalapenos, cilantro, and lime zest.  I thought that after not having any for 2 months, I wouldn’t be able to eat the whole thing.  I was wrong.  Definitely missed having my pup to feed the extra bits of crust to though.


I think all this research is making me stir crazy, I always look forward to runs but I seriously NEED them right now.  I really cannot overstate the importance of clearing my mind for a bit every day and the sweaty factor just makes it even better, I tend to get all up in my own head when I’m this deep in my work but I’m actually incapable of thinking about it while I run, my brain only goes to fun and/or totally random things.  It’s such a relief and really makes me feel better about life so I stay motivated.


Usually another thing that helps is taking a 5 minute break to play with the pups.  You really cannot help but smile and be in a good mood when dogs are around.  They were with Joe’s parents over the weekend and Joe’s mom sent me these for Mother’s Day and they totally made me smile:

20140511_094548 20140511_094439 20140511_094249



So cute.  I don’t know how she got such fidgety dogs to sit so nicely.  Stevie looks a bit terrified of her sign though.


For the reasons stated above I’m actually looking forward to my interval workout today (note this date on your calendar, it’s unlikely to happen again for another year).  Mile repeats are going to hurt so good.


What is your favorite form of stress relief?

I always wonder…what do you think about while running?  My mind goes off on all kinds of crazy tangents but at least 40% of the time I’m daydreaming about something super random like winning front row tickets to see my favorite band and they invite me up on stage (true story from a run last week)

Moms…how was your Mother’s Day?


39 thoughts on “Today I’m powered by pizza

  1. oh my goodness, those signs would have made me cry for sure! 🙂 I really would love to try that pizza…yum! Glad to hear that your runs are making your feel better. I’m sick with a nasty cold right now and can’t run… 😦 It’s all I want to do!

    • Poor girl! I hate those colds that just won’t go away 😦 I wish you could come visit for a pizza date! We need to run a race together and do a post-race party with beer and pizza 😉

  2. haha, I can’t believe you went 2 months without pizza! But seriously where do you find all this incredible looking pizza!? I can’t even remember what I think about while running, it’s usually just a bunch of random stuff. Sometimes I count my steps per minute which is pretty ridiculous I know.

    • I know! I should get a medal or something, it was a record for sure. I ate Mexican like 3x each week though so I didn’t exactly replace it with a healthier alternative…oops 😉

  3. Oh my gosh, those doggies are so cutie!! I absolutely love the signs!!! Too sweet!!! XOXO!!! Yummy looking pizza, too!!
    Dogs really do make me happy!!!

  4. Running is definitely my favorite stress relief…but lately yoga has become a close second!
    When I run I have no idea what I think about. Sometimes I think about form and if anything is hurting, but usually I try to just let my mind go wherever it wants.
    That pizza looks amazing!

  5. Aww, I love the puppy pics! Running is what relaxes me! And I totally needed it yesterday, what a stressful day! I can’t even remember what I think about when I’m working out, though. It’s kind of like when I’m dreaming and then I wake up and can’t remember any of it…

    • I think I’m like that a lot of the time but sometimes I have these really vivid “dreams” that take up several miles of my run rather than scattered thoughts and those I tend to remember.

  6. First of all…glad you’re back! 😀 That pizza. Yum! You got me at lime zest. I think about pretty much everything when I run, literally my mind goes a mile a minute. You know what I did on Mothers Day! 🙂

    • Thanks! Isn’t it fun but crazy how much we think about when we run? I go off on all kinds of random tangents and can never figure out how I even started to think about some things. Pretty sure I figure out most of my tough decisions that way.

  7. Those pictures are so cute!! I love that your MIL made those signs for you. Running is my stress relief because it is the only time I can truly shut off. I also think about really random stuff! Lately whenever I run my creative juices get flowing and I get all kind of ideas of how I want to finish decorating our house.

    • I know, she’s so sweet 🙂 I love thinking about creative stuff when I run, something about the adrenaline makes you more in tune with it or something. I used to do wedding planning in my head while I ran!

  8. That face! They really do miss you. Usually when I’m running I bring my dog and I can only think about where she is because she’s always trying to trip me

    • Haha aw, I wish I had a puppy running buddy! I can see how worrying about tripping would be an issue…Stevie tries to do that to me even when we’re just walking. She’d probably cause me to face plant if I took her to the trails.

  9. Pizzaaaaaaaaa. I know what you mean about running. It’s my stress relief too. Sometimes we just need that time out of the day to clear our head and think about everything and nothing. I always go out for my run thinking something is bothering me and even though I don’t think about it while I’m running, it ends up helping me sort through what’s going on.

    • Yes, I love that! I don’t go intending to solve a problem or think about something bothering me but somehow after running, even when I didn’t think of it once the whole run, I have a better idea of how to deal with it.

  10. pulled pork on pizza?! yes!!
    When I dive really deep into school/research things, I need runs to keep my brain sane too. I’m not sure what I think about when I’s like my brain goes on autopilot and just does its own thing. BUT i have a hard time putting in a hard effort into both school and running at the same time, so I’m not sure I would be able to run intervals very well. Or maybe I haven’t been as sucked into my research as deep and as long as you have with yours yet. 🙂

    • I think sometimes for me the harder efforts are extra desirable when I’m super stressed. I have such a desperate need to get that stress out of me that I’m less inclined to be crabby about the pain and I don’t get tempted to stop early because that means more work haha.

  11. OMG your pup pics are too cute! I probably would have started crying haha! When I’m running, my mind goes in every direction. Sometimes it’s just blank and I try to remember what I was thinking about and it’s just crickets in there. Other times I’ll try to work on my form, or I’ll see someone with cute running clothes and think about where i can buy them, or I’ll look at houses and wish they could be mine (since we’re shopping for a house now)- all over the place.

  12. Your MIL is so sweet – those dog signs are awesome. And that pizza……….

    When I’m running my mind wanders to anything at all. If things are going well I just like taking in the scenery, sometimes I like to talk through problems in my head and on bad days I do math to figure out how much longer I have to run!

    • What kind of math do you do? I do the math to figure out pace or distance I have left but I’ve heard some people do really complicated long division or whatever while running and all I can think is that it would probably just frustrate means make me cranky…not mathematically inclined over here 😦

      • My math is usually like this: Your training calls for a 12 mile run. You’ve already run 4.8 miles. What percentage of your run do you have left? My mind won’t let me do anything more complicated or I think I’d hurt myself.

  13. These Mothers Day photos of the pups are adorable! So thoughtful of your MIL to send them to you.

    I usually sleep a lot when I am stressed. As a runner, I wish I could say that running was what helps me out, but sleep is really what alleviates my brain.

    • I’m so the opposite, I have trouble thinking because I’m all anxious about everything that needs to get done! The running helps makes sure I’m good and sleepy 😉

  14. Pulled pork on a pizza?? I want that right now.
    Those pics of your dogs are adorable. 🙂 I hope your interval workout went well. I had one too and I was also kind of looking forward to it.

    Hmmm while I run…a lot of times I plan out my day or think of what I’m going to eat, or sing along to whatever music I’m listening to. Sometimes I just zone out. Especially if I’m out running really early in the morning and then I’m still like half asleep.

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