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Yesterday I did my easy run early and changed because we had the bright idea of me bringing some of my work with me to a restaurant and getting me out of the house a little.  We are trying to do this at least once a week where we try somewhere new and just chill there with some books and taking our time over some yummy food and a beer.  It’s an excellent way to spend the day, let me tell you.


And you know I’ll like the place when there are bookshelves over your head on every wall.


And a big, sloppy burger doesn’t hurt things either.  They had pulled pork and onion rings on their burger, and since those are some of my favorite ingredients and it sounds an awful lot like one of my favorite pizzas, I had to go for it.


And you know you needed a closeup.


We took a little detour afterward at the museum.  The Egyptian exhibit was probably my favorite.


And on the way home, we picked up 2 slices of cake each to take home for later. 


Joe told me that it’s not a real blog of my day if I don’t also tell you about my failed spider killing attempt first thing when I woke up this morning… So, I come downstairs and on the wall above the fireplace is a GIGANTIC spider.  Like 3-4 inches across.  Obviously, I screamed for Joe to come deal with it.  He said no (he normally tries to rescue them and put them outside and I want them dead so they can’t come back to get me in my sleep) so I took the biggest thing I could find (Joe’s shoe) and swatted him hard.  Stupid thing is invincible and just falls to the floor and scurries into the fireplace.  We looked for him and cannot find him.  So now, there is a big spider on the house in my house with a vendetta against me because I tried to kill him. 



Do you have strong feelings on bugs/spiders/snakes?  I could tell you a terrifying spider story but let’s just say I was bitten by one and leave it at that.  Now they all must die.

Have you ever taken a book or notebook out so you can get out of the house and still get work done?

What are some of the ingredients that if you see them on a menu dish you know you’ll be instantly tempted to get that dish?


56 thoughts on “Out and about

  1. I hate killing things and want to save them all but am too scared to do it myself, so I usually convince Jeremy to capture them and bring them outside. And if I see avocado on a menu item, I have to order it no matter what.

  2. I loooove onion rings, but they have to be perfectly crispy and hot.
    LMAO about the spider… I hate ugly bugs like spiders and cockroaches, I’ve woken up my husband a few times to come kill something..

  3. ahhh that’s the worst, when you know it’s alive but you don’t know where it is! I’m not fond of anything that is small and bites you. And geez that burger looks incredible, not to mention the cake!

  4. My mouth is literally watering after this post. Spiders make me lose all sense of reason and all I can think about is that I need to get away from them as fast as possible. If i see one when I’m vacuuming then I hit with the vacuum before sucking it up because I’m convinced that it will crawl back out.. I know. I’m crazy. Also the idea of them scurrying makes me nauseous.

    Prosciutto. If i see prosciutto in something on a menu then I have to get it. Pulled pork too.

  5. I have the biggest fear of snakes!!! It’s a long story but, they terrify me!! I can’t even open a book and look at one!! Too scary; although, interestingly enough, I’m obsessed with great white sharks!!! I don’t know, I guess I’m strange!
    I’m okay with spiders and usually try (is the key word) to put them outside, but if my husband is home, he does it for me. My dog Prince is so funny… if he sees a spider, he’ll step on it with is big paw. He’s an interesting dog.
    Anything with chocolate I’ll eat and I also love most dishes with mushrooms and green peppers!

    • My dog stalks and catches flies and bees in the house! I don’t let her near spiders though just in case, Virginia has a few poisonous kinds! I really want to do a shark dive 😉

      • Ha, I used to have a cocker spaniel that stalked bees!! I live in VA!! Where in VA do you live?!!
        I just did a post about going on a great white shark expedition!! I’m totally doing it for my 30th birthday so hopefully next May!!! So excited!!!

      • Oh my gosh, what an awesome 30th birthday trip!! I’m still mad I didn’t do it myself while I was in South Africa but I completely forgot to look into it since we were in a totally different part of the country 😦 That is going to be the most amazing birthday trip!

  6. I hate bugs, spiders and snakes. I also hate killing them and usually call Colin to come do that for me. The second that I see a bug in our house I call our pest control people and have them come spray inside. When something has avocado on it, it really gets my attention!

    • I hate being the one to kill them too 😦 but Joe feels super bad doing it, so he makes me do it if I’ve already made him kill one recently. I messed up this time because I was responsible for this huge one all because I made him kill a tiny one yesterday.

  7. That is the messiest, most delicious looking burger. I’m almost 100x more likely to order something if it has jalapenos in it somehow. I love jalapenos.

    I’ve definitely taken my homework on a dinner date before. Sometimes you have to. The change of scenery can really help!

    I am not afraid of snakes and I don’t mind small spiders and usually just let them live. The larger ones…I don’t like them, but I am not afraid enough to need help with them. I lived alone for a really long time so I got used to killing my own bugs.

  8. Guuurl, you done done it now. That spider was there minding it’s own beeswax and catching bugs in your house, but now it has a new mission – you. In your sleep. haha.
    Looks like you had a great day, tho I’m not sure how productive it was?!? 😉
    I do like to try and get work done at lunch or bars – I always have a notebook with me!
    Also, I cannot resist avocados.

  9. Ohh that burger looks good! I am always tempted by foods with parmesan or avacado.
    Gah I hate when you try to kill a spider and it gets away! I am the designated spider killer in my house..I kill them with my bare hands because I usually lose them if I take time to get a shoe or something.
    What kind of cake is that?? yum!

  10. I can deal with spiders but NOT mice. I am always paranoid that there are mice around ever since I had a problem with them in my last apartment. Also, the other day one of my students had a snake come into his house in Baltimore city! I was shocked and grossed out by that. His mom confirmed that it really did happen and they had to call animal control.

    • Aw, I love mice! I used to have a pet mouse haha. Snakes definitely happen where you don’t expect them, I have had 3 or 4 come in the house over the years…one fell out of a blanket when I went to put it on my lap! That was quite the shock 😉

  11. I am terrified of snakes and spiders. They totally freak me out. Luckily I haven’t seen either while out and about in Utah. If there are bugs in the house then it is J’s job to fix that mess.

    That burger……and those cakes! If it has avocado I’m probably going to order it. Also sweet potato fries.

    • You haven’t seen ANYTHING in Utah? That’s crazy! You guys have rattlers and stuff though, right? I’m always a tad concerned I’ll come across a snake while trail running since I’ve seen them around in my neighborhood. Copperheads would not be the ideal running buddy 😦

      • I know! It’s shocking! At work we’ve gotten emails the last couple of years warning about a nest of rattlesnakes in the rear entrance and a cougar and her cubs hanging out near the parking lot. A coworker also saw a tarantula on her way to her car. They are out there but I’ve just avoided them so far. Copperheads would freak me out. It’s the only thing that scares me off doing more trail running.

  12. I hate bugs/spiders/snakes and all creepy crawly things. Especially roaches. And I am relentless until l kill them. We get moths in our house a lot because our house backs up to woods and the dogs are in and out frequently. I have fly swatters hidden all over the house for this reason.

    • I have never had a roach but you better believe there would be screaming and furious swatting if I did…ugh. We back up to woods too and we get SO many mosquitos in the house.

  13. I can’t believe you missed! That is such a fail! I’m okay with spiders (although probably not one that big!) but I hate snakes and I don’t even know what I would do if I saw one in my house – it’s bad enough when I see them outside!

    • Haha I know, I’m terrible! To be fair, it was a good 6+ feet up the wall and I’m only 5’3 so I had to jump to hit him 😉 Do you guys have any poisonous kinds of snakes in your neck of NY?

  14. Snakes creep me out, but I can handle Spiders. This probably relates to being chased by a rattlesnake as a kid, when I was barefoot. I still remember the day vividly or on hiking trails with snakes on all sides rattling away. Yep, I screamed and my brothers got mad. It was not a cool thing for the sister to do. Sorry – if it is a snake, I reserve the right to act a bit female. 🙂

    Anything with avocado catches my eye along with something that stands out on the menu as being just a little different from everything else. Study days away from the house or “common” study places are truly the best, even if not quite so productive.

    • Oh my gosh that snake story sounds terrible! The only time I’ve seen a rattlesnake I was on a horse but if I was right next to it I would have freaked out too. Are your brothers older? Sounds like such a big brother thing to be mad 😉

  15. Are we sisters by any chance?! Like, for real! Haha! I’ve missed reading your blog, and I’m super happy to have found some time *at work lol* to stop by!!! I love bring a book with me and read it in a square or next to a river… actually it doesn’t even matter, as long as I am outside. I also love these little cute places where the decor is super simple but adorable and just makes you want to come back for how cozy it makes you feel! I am terrified of all those things that you’ve mentioned. For me it’s simple, if it’s not warm and it moves, I’m scared of it lol! 😀 BTW, I really wanted to thank you for supporting me throughout all this time when I am going through a crazy emotional rollercoaster. I haven’t been replying to comments on my blog just because I am frankly not fully ready yet, but I just want you to know that even though I’ve never really met you, your support have been super important to me! Lots of love!!! ❤ xoxo

  16. I don’t like pulled pork but that burger still looks amazing! Lol spiders, snakes, and lizards freak me out. I had a similar incident earlier this week with a mosquito-eater. Those things are huge and one flew into our house. I got out our bug zapper (those mini tennis racket looking things that zap bugs) and hit it. It was still alive. I was able to zap it again and it fell to the floor. I went to pick it up with a tissue and all of a sudden it came back to life and started flying around. This went on for another 5 min and I finally killed it. I had to kill it after it faked it’s death because otherwise it would probably eat me in my sleep…

  17. hahah I totally feel you on the spider thing! There have been times where I’ve literally called my boyfriend when he wasn’t home to tell him about spiders in order to see if he would come kill them! I hate those little buggers. I’d sleep with one eye open if I were you!

  18. I REAAALLLYY enjoy going out to a coffee shop to blog or do things of importance. It also helps me get things done! Those slices of cake look so good, and this entire day sounds perfect! Sometimes I wish I were afraid of spiders because it makes more sense than my phobia..I am afraid of…slugs. YUP, cause they can totally hurt me right? It’s completely psychological and makes for a good laugh when I tell people. HA.

  19. Mice.mice.mice. they alll must die because they give me partial heart attacks. That burger. OMG. looks to die for! I usually jump at anything with proscuitto, cilantro or blue cheese (not together) 🙂

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