More social than ever

Everything about my social life right now feels a little funny because Joe and I are going out and doing things more than ever.  We have a bunch of stuff we would like to see/do before we move so we are trying to get out at least a few times each week to cross something off the list.  Some of it is as simple as going to a restaurant we already love one last time but it’s still way more nights out than we usually have.  This weekend was especially fun, because we not only went to a fancy cocktail bar for a few hours (which is normally something I do with my girlfriends rather than Joe and it’s still been 6+ months since I’ve gone anywhere of the sort) but we also spent the rest of the evening at an after hours museum party.  We said it was clearly a grownup evening, certainly more adult than our usual pizza and beer and playing darts at the local bar.


I was trying to hold off my hunger until dinner but post-run, I just couldn’t, so I made a nice bowl of chili on top of sweet potato.  If you’ve never tried it, you really should.  It’s so delicious.

photo 2(16)

And because I can only go 7-10 days without some kind of Mexican food, we made steak quesadillas for dinner.  I put ghost chili inside half of them and we played a guessing game as to which slice you bit into would burn your mouth a little 😉

photo 1(15)

Then we showed up at happy hour nice and early and OH MY GOSH, the drinks were unreal.  I started conservatively with something I knew I’d like, made with strawberry, basil, and pepper.

photo 1(13)

And it was made in the cutest little jar.

photo 2(14)

The next drink, I just couldn’t say no.  I’m a sucker for almond flavored things, especially cakes/croissants/cookies but almond is a must order.  This was an almond and apricot sour and the guy was crazy skilled with his egg whites.  It was like someone took my favorite things (almond and sour patch kids) and managed to combine them in a delicious way.  I could literally drink this forever.

photo 3(9)

By the way, hummus was the perfect counterpart to all this delicious drinking.  We may have killed two orders of this.

photo 5(3)

My raspberry overload was pretty delicious too…raspberry vodka, raspberry liqueur, and raspberry puree.  And then they put it in a glass so tall I couldn’t drink it if it was on the table.

photo 2(15) photo 4(9)

And if you’re going to try to take pictures with your husband (a rarity for us), try not to do it while he’s eating hummus.  Mouth full.

photo 1(14)

But do take a picture if he drinks a tiny espresso martini.

photo 3(10)


Clearly I remembered to document our day drinking but then totally forgot to take any pictures at the museum party…  Actually, there are three but they’re of random empty rooms whenever we managed to find an exhibit to ourselves.  Still, tons of fun and I think I officially count as a grown-up after going to a museum party.


Planning for 5 easy miles and core work today 🙂  And no other excitement, I have to knock out 4 more books by the end of the day!


Have you ever gone to one of those “fancy” cocktail bars with really unique drinks?  What was your favorite thing you ordered?

What’s the most “grown-up” party you’ve been to?  We went to parties at the French Embassy a few times, I think saying you went to an embassy party sounds more adult than the reality 😉




41 thoughts on “More social than ever

  1. lol, I love that you hid some chili in half the quesadillas. That sounds like a hilarious way to have dinner 🙂

  2. A museum party sounds like something they would go to on Sex and the City. 🙂 That is totally a grown up party! I have to think if I have been to a party like that… I think the closest I have been to something really adult like that is a fancy wedding. There is a really, really nice restaurant with a nice bar in Harrisburg called Bricco. We got a gift card for our wedding and ended up waiting about 2 years to use it. It was the fanciest place we have ever been to and have only been back for drinks because dinner for 2 costs well over $100 there!

    • That restaurant sounds delicious! Hope you guys had an amazing time after waiting so long to use it! Come to think of it, it WAS very Sex and the City to have fancy cocktails then go to a museum party 😉

  3. I love drinks in cute jars! We were out for dinner a couple weeks ago and I got this blueberry lemonade vodka thing that came in a mason jar. It was delicious. That espresso martini is adorable too. Basically I just want to drink all of this.

    My favorite bar downtown, which is sadly closed now, had all sort of fun drinks. They made the best key lime martini of all time. Those things really snuck up on you too. Like mmmm tastes like dessert and not even alcohol-y at all and then suddenly you’re walking around in the street without your shoes on.

    • Hahaha best description ever but that definitely sounds like a key lime martini that I need to have! I love those drinks that don’t taste like alcohol but still pack a punch 😉

  4. I think I’ll drink just about anything! I have yet to get invited to a fancy party, but I have been known to throw back beers outside of Yankee Stadium before games – does that count?

  5. I love sitting outside in nice weather drinking cocktails or a glass of white wine in the evening time… It might be one of my favorite things in the world. The Museum of Art in Santa Barbara used to host monthly after-hour museum parties and I went a few times, it was really fun! They would have a theme for the night and have cocktail bars in the different exhibitions with drinks that fit the theme. I actually went to a museum here in Paris on Saturday night for Night at the Museums, but unfortunately there were no cocktails there.

  6. That tiny martini Joe is holding made me laugh! I would love that first drink you had, MAYBE the second one, but I couldn’t do the third. Bad night with raspberry vodka has ruined anything raspberry for me. We went to a litlte more ‘fancy’ restaurant for our anniversary and I had a drink they called the Porch Swing it had house infused watermelon vodka, lemonade, a splash of champagne, and lots of mint. It was so refreshing!

    • The Porch Swing sounds amazing! I know what you mean about one drink being ruined forever. I had a terrible night (actually, it was daytime) with margaritas and they make me sick now.

  7. The most “grown up” party I’ve ever been to was probably a black tie wedding…we typically keep things pretty casual.
    We do have a tradition on New Years Eve of going to this bar that makes fancy drinks…but it is actually a run-down hole in the wall bar called “Bad Decisions” and you would never think that had nice drinks…but they do and they are cheap! Win-win!

    • That sounds like an awesome New Years tradition! I was thinking as I wrote the post that our black tie wedding really should’ve been the fanciest party but despite the fancy clothes/food, it still felt relaxed to me! We keep things super casual too 🙂

  8. Growing up in Ohio, they always put chili on spaghetti. Now here in Texas, they put it on potatoes – so I’m guessing sweet potatoes are awesome! A few months ago I made chili and decided to dump in a can of pumpkin puree. It was amazing!
    Looks like y’all had fun day drinking! I did go to some of the historical fancy cocktail bars last time in New Orleans. I’d say the sazarac and ramos gin fizz were stand outs.

    • I love pumpkin in chili! My favorite chili to make is venison and pumpkin, it’s SOOO good. I totally missed out on fancy cocktail bars when I was last in New Orleans, I don’t think we got any more creative than the giant hurricanes and beers while tailgating…sounds like I missed some good drinks!

      • That does sound good! Ha, yes, the hurricanes and huge ass beers are not to be missed! But NOLA is where the cocktail was invented, so you gotta get some of the originals! Let me know next time you visit and I’ll send you some places to visit!

  9. This all sounds like so much fun!! those happy hour drinks are fancier and more unique than the cheap-style things I usually get. I am trying to picture how almonds and sour patch kids would taste together…

    • It was super hard to describe and that was the best I could come up with. You could taste some pretty intense sour flavor but also every sip tasted like almond flavored things so it was really different.

    • We definitely don’t do it enough! After our first sip we were seriously confused as to why we’ve been drinking pretty much just beer and wine the last few years when this place was 15 minutes away.

  10. That raspberry drink sounds like a dream! You do sound grown up attending embassy events and musem parties 🙂
    I am all for fruity drinks, and if they’re slushy it’s even better! I fit right in at a beach, not so much at an adult event!

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