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My internet was down yesterday and it taught me very quickly how much I rely on it for a million little things.  For some reason, this only affected my computer and Joe’s was doing just fine.  I managed to steal his for a few minutes and read a few blogs but I couldn’t transfer my photos or anything so today you get a bit of a catch-up.


Monday was GORGEOUS out so I had a sunny and fantastic easy 5 mile run then did 20 minutes of core.  Then I had my favorite post-run food:

photo 3(11)

Toast smeared with creamed honey, avocado, and poached eggs on top with a little bit of garlic salt.  Yum.


And we just couldn’t say no to my craving for more pizza.

photo 2(17)

I also tried to take a little picture for you guys to prove that I do sometimes wear a little makeup and straighten my hair.

photo 1(14)

It’s sort of ruined by a few things: a) my mirror is spotty as heck  b) I may have on some makeup but I’m still wearing a sweatshirt and c) I’m really awkward at taking photos of myself


Yesterday for no good reason my hips were CRAZY sore so I took the day off and am moving my interval workout to today.  I actually get excited when 400s are on the schedule because they go by so quickly that I can convince myself that running that fast isn’t so terrible.  12×400 as soon as I digest this oatmeal.


Oh…I almost forgot!  Super fun news…we are going on vacation!  In TWO WEEKS!  Yes, that’s very last minute (or at least it is for me! I like to plan things) but we got an amazing deal that we couldn’t pass up to visit another country we haven’t been to yet.  So I’ll be practicing my running at altitude and blogging to you from AUSTRIA in the very near future 🙂  We are spending the whole week in a small town in the Alps with access to 50+ miles of hiking trails and hope to spend all our time outside exploring if the weather cooperates…apparently, it rains a lot.  But you can hopefully expect some pictures like this:

austria Tirol - Austria Desktop Background



What is your workout plan for today?

Have you ever taken a hiking holiday?  Or just an outdoorsy holiday with no other plans than to explore the area?


43 thoughts on “A little bit of everything

  1. Yaaaay, gorgeous pictures!!! Gorgeous girl!!! Yummy pizza!!! Yummy breakfast (I’m trying it!!)!!! I can’t wait to see your beautiful vacation pictures!! Rock your 400’s!!! I know you will!! I just came from track work!! It feels great to start off the day with it!! Have a wonderful day!!

  2. I’m so jealous about your vacation! I can’t wait to hear about it though, I’m hoping to visit Austria in the next year or two. It’s not just you, selfies are most awkward thing known to mankind. I have no idea how people manage to make themselves look good in them.

    • Seriously, they are so awkward! I have no idea how people take so many selfies every day, I just can’t do it without looking insane or super awkward. Where in Austria are you hoping to visit?

  3. I’m so jealous!! Colin got to go to the Alps last year for work and he really wants to take me. A hiking vacation sounds like fun, so we might just have to copy you where you go. 🙂 I was supposed to wake up and do a tempo run but Brice was awake from 12-1 and then woke up again at 4 so I didn’t get up to run. I think I’ll switch it up and do a HIIT workout after work. PS- that avocado/egg/toast looks delicious!

    • I hope you guys get to go sometime in the near future! Where did he get to go when he visited? Sounds like a rough wake up with Brice? Typical toddler stuff or is he feeling sick?

      • They didn’t have long there (I can’t remember the name of the town) so they just walked around for awhile. He Facetimed me while he was there and I was so jealous! Brice has never been a great sleeper but he had a normal checkup today and they said his ear looked red 😦 We got some antibiotics so hopefully that will make him feel better!

    • Oh that sounds like a ton of fun! I thought maybe you’d still be in France. We won’t have a car or anything unfortunately but maybe we will get lucky and you’ll be close by!

  4. Yay! I’m doing 400’s today too. I also love how quickly it is over! That toast looks awesome – I make something similar, but I never thought about adding honey to it. Hmmm. And the pizza looks really good, except…did somebody spill a plate of ribs on top of it?
    Lookin hawt in all gussied up in your sweats! That vacay sounds amazing! Lately all of mine have been centered around races. haha, who have I become?

    • Someone spilled BBQ pulled pork and onion rings on my pizza 😉 It’s probably only other runners who would understand but 5 minutes after booking the trip, the first thing I did was look up running trails.

  5. AUSTRIA!?! YOU LUCKY!!! Can you please have your husband take a picture of you running through a field like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music? That is so exciting and I have total travel envy. I can’t wait to see all your photos.

    Your snack up there looks/sounds delicious. I wish I knew how to poach an egg. I hope your intervals went well! I ran 4 this morning with my giant new Batman belt. Am I allowed to count extra calories burned since I was slogging along with that huge thing in tow?

    • Hahaha my husband laughed so hard at this suggestion. I’ll try to get a good one! And you TOTALLY get to count extra calories burned lugging around that thing 😉

  6. You crack me up all the time! I mean who does that? WHy talk about all the ‘negatives’ in the picture?! I am horrible at taking selfies too, it takes me forever to come up with something decent not to scare people away. Normally it takes a lot of tilting head in various direction, changing my smile (with teeth and without), and obviously moving around my cell to get the ‘best’ angle ahahhaha! Your vacation sounds so promising, and I am super happy for you to catch a break. It’s indeed very well deserved! Oh… and that egg sandwich look fantabulous, I shall be making myself one just like that!!! xoxox

    • Haha it wasn’t really supposed to be negatives, more that I thought it was funny that I was so proud of myself for wearing makeup that I took a photo before I realized that I didn’t even change out of my sweatshirt or find a clean mirror 😉 try the avocado toast and let me know if you like it! ❤

  7. Yay! Austria is absolutely the BEST. Vienna is my favorite place on the planet. If you happen to go to Vienna, you HAVE to go to Zanoni and Zanoni for gelato and Pizza Bizi (random pizza place!) for pizza. The culture, the food, the people…I am a little more than a little jealous. Have a fab time!

    • Aw, I wish we were going to Vienna but unfortunately we’ll miss it on this trip 😦 I’m adding your recommendations to my travel book though for when I get there in the future…and anyone who recommends me great pizza in a new city automatically gets added to my “favorite people” list 😉

  8. LOVE your selfie gorgeous lady! OMG sooooooo exciting that you’re going to Austria! We passed through there on the way to Germany and it was beautiful! My workout for today was going to be speedwork but my leg is still feeling weird after all the shoe experiments. It feels weak with a hit of pain. So I’m thinking it’s best to stick to strength training for today.

    • We knew we wanted to go somewhere but didn’t have any opinion where (if anything, we were leaning slightly towards Belgium/Netherlands) and we just picked the top 3 deals we saw that sounded interesting and were awesomely prices and discovered we both were leaning toward Austria so we just went with it 🙂

  9. I really like short intervals too, although by the last few ones I’m not having that much fun anymore.
    Enjoy your vacation, how awesome, have a great time! We were supposed to go to Thailand this month but had to cancel it.

  10. I do all my trips last minute! I decided to go to Antarctica about a month before I went. Hiking/climbing holidays are pretty much all I go on. I have one more continent to go (Europe) and then I will have done alpine climbing on all 7. Have a great trip!

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