Party animal (not really)

I told you all I was going to see X-Men and then maybe go find a new restaurant to try but apparently, Joe and I decided to get a little adventurous instead.  We saw the movie at midday after I ran and showered (special first showing thing) and it was over right before 5, which is when the restaurant was going to open but we’d have to kill 10-15 minutes first.  We saw on our walk there the sign for this cocktail bar I had heard about and always wanted to try and we are NEVER on this side of town, so we declared it the perfect way to spend a few minutes before dinner.  Aperitifs are a thing in France so who says we can’t have one drink before dinner, right?

Mine was passion fruit, blueberry, homemade passion fruit liqueur, and gin.

photo 3(11)

And the inside of the bar was 70’s inspired with corresponding color scheme and furniture.  Very fun.

photo 1(16)

They were so delicious, we accidentally stayed for a second one.  We just couldn’t say no to the espresso drinks, neither of which are martinis despite the glasses.  Mine might be the first ever rum drink that didn’t make me feel sick.

photo 5(4)

Arguably our favorite part (besides yummy drinks) was the music…they were playing old school rap (think 80’s through mid-90’s) and we were totally alone in there and so into it.  I’m glad no one else came by to witness our dorky singing along.  All the older stuff though really threw me off, I lost a bet regarding the release date of an O.D.B. song.  Joe was wrong too, but I’m usually relatively good at knowing the specific years and got a little defensive about it being 1997 and it was 1999.  Cue sad face.

photo 4(10)

We left after two and had a leisurely dinner next to some VERY enthusiastic soccer fans and I didn’t get any photos for you thanks to the distraction.  They were yelling nearly the entire time we were there and placing bets on the outcomes of all the World Cup games and who would score first, etc.  It pretty much took all of my willpower not to tell them my own opinions.


We started the long walk back and passed yet ANOTHER cocktail bar that had long been on my to-do list.  They are the only 3 fancy cocktail bars in town and all have great reviews but seeing as how I never go to bars, we never got around to it.  We debated going in since we went to one last week and had just tried another a few hours earlier but we realized the chances of us coming to the other side of town for one drink would be slim to none so we decided to go in and have just one.


It was in an old converted church so there were stained glass windows everywhere which was awesome.

photo 1(17)

The bartender was very cute and friendly and the place was empty so we had her pick out drinks for us since we were only having one.  Which ended up not happening and we stayed for 4 more hours letting her pick us random drinks and talking to her and the manager.  It got dark in there super quickly though so no more photos except this random one I took of my nails:

photo 2(18)


We felt like such party animals 😉  The bartender asked us to come back the next day for swing dancing but we pretty much maxed out our party quotient for a few more days.  We are going to go back again though when we get back from our trip.  Normally, I’m a “bottle of beer” kind of girl but I think all these fancy drinks are going to ruin me…



What was the most fun you had this weekend?

What’s your normal bed time?  I’m usually in bed by 11ish!




37 thoughts on “Party animal (not really)

  1. Wow, the yummy drinks you post always make my mouth water!! Mmm!!! Delicious!!! I’m glad you had a great, adventurous weekend!! Sadly, my normal bedtime is very early…like 9ish because I get up so early in the morning.

  2. Those cocktails look delicious! I used to go to bed at 10pm since I wake up so early, but it gets dark so much later here in Europe, I now go to bed past midnight! I don’t even recognize myself anymore.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! I’ve been ruined by the school year into to going to bed early and waking up early so my bedtimes usually no later than 10:30, sometimes embarrassingly earlier 😉

  4. Wow you guys are party animals. 🙂 All of those places look really cool. Paul and I should branch out but we end up going to the same restaurants time and time again. Most fun thing this weekend was grilling on the back porch last night.

    • We usually stick to the same few places but since we are moving in 6 weeks, we are trying to branch out a bit! It has been really fun though so I need to remember to do this whenever we move somewhere new.

  5. Those places look fun! I’m glad you were able to check those off of your list! The most fun for me was Sunday afternoon grilling out with friends at our house. 10pm is pushing it for me!!

  6. The passion fruit / blueberry drink looks and sounds amazing! Although I don’t know how much self control I would have with that… fruity deliciousness + gin = deadly combination haha

    Bedtime is usually 11pm for me, but sometimes I have to go to bed wayyy earlier when I have phone meetings at 3am!

  7. I want to drink all of these things. Especially those espresso drinks.
    That bar in the church sounds so awesome! I feel like there is a serious lack of places to go get fun cocktails around here. Especially places that aren’t overcrowded with obnoxious college students.

    My normal bedtime is usually between 11 and midnight if I’m lucky. I should really try to get more sleep.

    Oh and I like your nails. 🙂

  8. OMG I’m a 90 year old grandma compared to you wild animals 😉 Sounds like an amazing evening! I don’t know how you tiny little thing can handle your liquor so well! Usually for me it’s 1.5 drinks and I’m super drunk lol. Glad you had a fun night out!!

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