Getting Ready

Today is a bit of a crazy day.  We are getting ready to leave on our trip in just a few hours so there is a lot of cleaning and packing to do today plus we still have people coming to the house to do viewings since our landlord is selling it as we are in the process of moving out.  It’s a bit overwhelming on top of all the school work I’ve still got going on so I cannot wait for vacation (though I’m still taking work with me for the evenings…yay). 


I decided I really needed a haircut before we left when I realized my hair had reached my butt again.  I went this weekend and had a new girl and I loved her.


Funny thing is I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated with my hair like I do every summer, there’s just so much of it and it’s so thick and hard to control.  So I’ve been telling Joe I’m going to cut it off to around shoulder length and he keeps telling me not to do it because I’ll hate it but I keep seeing pictures like this and then I want to:



But when I told the new stylist I was debating between cutting off a normal amount and leaving it long or chopping it off she flat out said she wouldn’t cut it that short for me.  I didn’t even know they could do that…  I’m really glad though, it was the right decision and I would NOT look cute with short hair, as I’ve proven every time I’ve cut it off in the past.  I’m just annoyed with humidity and it making my natural waves really frizzy and sticky.  That would NOT improve cutting it off, I’d just look like a lion.  Hair stylist of reason right there. 


Wondering why I have no runs to report on this weekend?  Well, this genius stepped on a nail and it poked a hole right through the sole of my foot.  Hurt like hell to even walk on, so I had to take several days off walking/running.  It felt better when I walked a few blocks around campus yesterday so I’m thinking I’m okay to test it on a run today.  Yay.  I’m such a klutz sometimes though.  To drown my sorrows I ate a lot of avocado grilled cheeses and made nachos three times.


This (plus soup) was my dinner Saturday night, and my lunch Friday and Sunday.  Classy and healthy. 


So currently the garmin and ipod are charging and I’ve already put aside my running shoes and socks for the trip.  Literally nothing else is packed yet, but I’m so ready to run in the Alps (well, mentally, we’ll see how my lungs hate me later). 


Ever just eat nachos for dinner?  This is so not the first or last time I’ll do so. 

What’s the first thing you pack when you go on vacation?


42 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Nachos for dinner (or any meal) is the best, I’m a firm believer that cheese and carbs is the greatest combination known to mankind. Sorry to hear that you stepped on a nail, I hope your foot feels good on your test run. Safe travels!!!

  2. first of all, your hair is BEAUTIFUL! my hair REFUSES to grow! It’s sooo depressing. I’m jealous.

    We had pulled pork nachos from this place called The Recovery Room last week.They. Were. Amazing!!!! We got the large portion size and were members of the clean plate club… all the cool kids eat nachos for dinner.

  3. Have a fabulous trip!! I hope your foot is feeling much better so you can run to your heart’s content!
    I always pack a bathing suit first, and usually in my carry on- if my luggage is lost, I can still hit the beach!
    Haha- I ate nachos for dinner last night!

    • Ahh how fun! Athletes fueled by nachos 🙂 I do that too when I go to the beach, at least 3 different suits in my carryon so I’m good to go even if my luggage is lost!

  4. Ahh, have so much fun on your trip! I am so jealous that you are heading to Europe! One of my and my hubby’s favorite meals is sweet potato nachos – I bake some sweet potato waffle fries and top them with ground turkey, beans, peppers, cheese and lots of other toppings. Its actually really tasty and not too heavy.

  5. Ouch!! I stepped on a nail when I was a kid and still remember the pain. Hope it’s better so you can run in the Alps! I love nachos and had some for dinner a couple of weeks ago. I have a bag of chips and lots of cheese at home… looks like I will be having nachos soon.

  6. Haha, I actually brought the same exact picture you posted of Ashley Benson to my stylist!! My hair is naturally wavy so I couldn’t resist going for the cut!! I love it!!!
    I make nachos for dinner once every couple of weeks and I always get so excited in anticipation!!!

  7. Owwww I am cringing thinking about that nail. Have fun on your trip! I love to make packing LISTS. I love lists in general, but packing lists are especially fun. I do sometimes have nachos for dinner. We call it “chip ‘n cheese”. (not chips, chip hehe) I try to put chicken and beans on it to make it a heartier dinner type meal.

    • Is that a regional thing or just what your family calls it? My college roomie used to call grilled cheese “toasted cheese” which I always thought was funny! I put chili and black beans on mine this time so it was pretty hearty 🙂

  8. NOOOOO OMG your poor foot!!! Glad it’s healing though! Haha I’ve done nachos for lunch but never dinner (I should though). LOL I just thought about it and the first thing I always pack is underwear and socks.

  9. WTF nail?! Nachos are a good food to drown your sorrows in. I’ve had them for dinner before too

    Have a good trip!! I don’t think that I pack anything particularly first, but I do make a list on a sticky note of the things that I would be bad to forget (contacts, glasses, phone charger, etc) and put the note on my bag until I cross everything off

  10. OUCH! That sounds so painful! I hate when I am a klutz and hurt myself when I’m not even running. Last year somehow I dropped the sliding shower door on my foot while cleaning and couldn’t run for a week.
    I pinned the EXACT same hairstyle a few months ago when I went to get my haircut! But I chickened out and just got a trim. That was pretty bold of your hairstylist, but I guess if they cut hair for a living they have a pretty good sense of what will look good on people?

    • I’m glad that some of them speak out, you’d think they would know what looks good and they should tell you if it won’t, there are way too many times I’ve been disappointed with a haircut and they probably knew it would look terrible before they did it but felt like they had to keep quiet about it not being flattering.

    • It wasn’t deep! I also fell into stairs this morning and bruised my shin. Such a klutz. And I have photographic proof that I cannot in fact pull off short hair 😦 I wanted like the same length as yours!

  11. Enjoy your trip! Your hair is gorgeous, I’m glad too that she didn’t cut it that short for you, but I know you can find someone to do it if you really want to. 🙂
    I’m a pretty organized packer, usually clothes first because that’s the bulk, then shoes, then toiletries and extras. I actually kind of like packing, maybe because I know it’s for good reason, I love trips (vacation, work, whatever).

    • Haha I think her refusal was the kick in the butt I needed to realize it needs to be long. I’m a crazy list-based packer but it’s unsurprising because I’m super type-A.

  12. I hope your foot is okay! I’m excited you’re heading to Austria, I’m still trying to figure out if we can drive over the border, apparently you need a special permit to even drive there, so we’ll see!

  13. First thing I pack? My running stuff for sure. I’ve only been on a plane once since I started running, but all that stuff went into my carry on with me. I can’t believe you are going on this trip like RIGHT NOW! I can’t wait to hear all about it. And I have total hair envy. My hair is super long too and very straight, but not thick so it’s a chore to keep it down without it looking ratty. But then every time I cut it short I hate it.

    And yes I have most definitely had nachos for dinner and those look delicious.

  14. I kind of hate when the hairstylist does that but they are always right! I mean I guess they are the experts….The first thing I pack is always my running shoes, which makes it kind of funny that I totally forgot them on this trip and have been wearing my mom’s instead. Not fun. Have fun on your trip!!

  15. Ouch about the nail! Make sure you get a tetanus shot if you’re not up to date (that’s the maternal side of me speaking)! And yes I HAVE had just nachos for dinner (now I want them tonight!). First thing I pack for vacay? My running shoes, of course!

  16. Ha, nice! The hair looks good. But if you want to chop it off and go blondie, then do it!
    Oh yes, I have nachos a few times a week – but I make them at home so I can keep it somewhat healthy.
    I hope your trip is awesome (as long as you stop taunting me!)

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