Austria Day 2

I said I was going to run in town then hike the mountain, what ended up happening was a little different.  We decided to combine the two since it was 10 miles round trip up and down this gigantic and STEEP beast.  We hiked up the initial part, which varied from 17-25% grade (ouch) then we hit a more gentle 3% section and I did a one mile warm-up.  Next up was a switchback half a mile in length at 5-8% grade so I ran 4 miles by going up and back down this section.  Up was an awful lot of work and down felt like I might fly off the side of the mountain but you couldn’t beat the view.

photo 1(22) photo 5(5)


And because Joe was just sitting and reading while he waited for me to get my run in, he caught a few photos of me every time I ran past him (sometimes I was going up, sometimes down).

photo 3(16) photo 4(14)

He took about 10 pictures and they are the only pictures I think I have ever liked of me running but I like all of them.  Must be the mountains.


I did a cool down mile then it was back to hiking the rest of the way to the summit together.  The actual hiking time was 2.5 hours to the top and 2 hours down and 10.2 miles.  The steepest sections were 25% grade, the vast majority at 15-18% grade, and the nice “flat” section where I ran in the middle was 3-8% but covered such a tiny portion of the actual mountain.  Let me tell you, my hill repeats did not prepare me for that workout, I was sore in places that I didn’t know I had.


And I was so ready to eat all the food.  Thank goodness for a big meal.

Chicken pate and beef broth with horseradish dumplings

photo 1(20) photo 2(22) photo 3(14) photo 4(12)

And pork with balsamic onions followed by vanilla ice cream with sea salt and pumpkin seeds and pumpkin oil sauce.  Everything was delicious.



What was the hardest workout you’ve ever done?  This didn’t feel like the hardest necessarily while I was doing it, but I was more sore afterwards than I was after my marathons!

Do you like pictures of yourself running?


35 thoughts on “Austria Day 2

  1. Beautiful pictures! Isn’t it nice having husbands who sit and wait for us to do our runs and take pictures? The ones Jeremy took of me running in Paris are the first ones I’ve ever liked too!

  2. Stunning place! Those are really awesome running pics of you- you look super fast in them! I’ve had some race photos that are pretty badass but then I’ve had ones where I look on the verge of death haha! That food does look delicious! My friend got married in a castle in Austria last fall!

    • Thank you! I always look awful in race photos, like I’m slow and about to die. These are somehow representative of how I think I look in my head when I run. A castle in Austria sounds amazing for a wedding! I bet it was gorgeous 🙂

  3. That sounds like a hell of a workout! I’m pretty sure the mountain background made those pictures look a gazillion times more epic, I feel like they should be used as a running shoe ad somewhere 😉

  4. Those hills look tough but beautiful!! I would have rolled down because we don’t have many hills for me to train on. In most recent memory my track workout yesterday was the hardest. It was way too hot for me to be out there trying to do speed work. There may be one picture of me running that I like, the others I just look goofy.

    • Ahhh they were so hard. I still can’t believe I ran up the Alps, I’m a sea level kind of girl. A track workout in Georgia in June sounds intense, I don’t know how you make it through those summers running outside.

  5. You look great in those photos! I always think I look terrible in running photos – there are only a couple of photos EVER that I really like of myself!

  6. Those pictures should go straight into a Runner’s World IMMEDIATELY! I love them! I like some pics of me running, but none of them are as awesome as yours. 🙂

    I run a lot of hills around here and I love them, but they are certainly not mountains. This made my legs hurt just thinking about it. At least you had those gorgeous views while you were out there and all that food looks spectacular!

    • Aw thanks! I definitely need to include more hills on a day to day basis from now on. I’ve heard Baltimore is a pretty hilly place to live and run, you must get a decent amount of hill work year-round!

  7. Cute pics! I skied in Austria in the the Innsbruck area for 10 days one winter – I had a lot of trouble finding something I liked to eat there I remember. I hope you have a fabulous time… the people were wonderful and everything was so clean! The mountains were very much like our Rockies, I think.

  8. Great photos! You look like you’re movin! The food looks uhmaze too! As for hard workouts – I made the mistake one half marathon of doing some tough lunges in my weight workout a few days before the race. I must’ve overdid it cause I was so sore – even a few days later! Lesson learned.

  9. OMG those photos look like they are straight out of an ad! Seriously amazing! They could be for anything too- anti-frizz hair products, running shoes, running jacket, Austria. You name it 😉 I typically don’t love my running photos. But I typically don’t like my non-running photos either.

  10. Wow, absolutely beautiful views (including you). 🙂 You look amazing running!!! What beautiful pictures!!! Typically, I do not like my running pictures (because they’re during a race). I’ve always liked my aquathlon photos (like me coming out of the water) because I’m more relaxed.
    Yummy food, too!!!

    • Oh I bet you look beautiful in your aquathlon photos! You always look so elegant in the pictures of yourself in the water that you post. Like you’re really at home there…a little elegant fish 😉

  11. Totally agree with the comments about the photos – you look like a fitness model! And fabulous scenery. Hiking uses a whole different set of muscles compared to running. We did a hike nearby – a little over 4000ft elevation gain in 3.4 miles. I could barely walk the next day.

  12. The mountain and running photos are incredible! And THEN you put those food pictures up, and it all looks so delicious! Looks like an awesome trip! I sometimes like pictures of me running, but none of mine looks like your’s!

  13. OMG! The nature is so beautiful and you’re getting some serious training in. Good girl! 🙂 I’m planning to go on a hike this weekend, so after reading your post, I CAN’T WAIT!!!! Enjoy! ❤

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