Austria Day 3

After the hell that was running on a mountain, I decided it was best to stay flat the next day.  We had seen a river from the top of the mountain that flowed all the way through the valley, connecting town to town so I thought that seemed like the ideal place to run.  I wasn’t wrong.  It started in a nice, shady part of town:

photo 1(33)

And I quickly headed out of town and along the crushed gravel path running right beside the beautiful and incredibly clear river.

photo 4(15) photo 3(17) photo 1(25) photo 2(25)

The view to my left wasn’t bad either.


It was seriously one of the most beautiful places to run I’ve ever seen.  I must have said to Joe 50 times that I could live in this town.  Obviously, one of the most compelling reasons would be the perfect running– this trail goes on forever and ever and no chance of getting hit by cars, just perfect scenery and a beautiful, flat trail.  Bonus: Even in the heat, the water was FREEZING (being glacial water and all) and made the perfect ice bath for my super sore muscles.


Obviously, the best way to recover was a gelato in town.  I got lemon and mango, Joe had hazelnut and blueberry (we only discovered this afterward, we basically guessed at the German words and what we thought they might be).  Best lemon gelato ever, it was super sour and felt so good on a hot day.

photo 1(24)

We spent the afternoon being lazy and resting our sore bodies, which meant I got some serious sun time with my beer.

photo 2(26)

Before we knew it, it was dinner time.  Started with a salad with blueberry dressing.

photo 2(27)

Carrot and thyme soup.

photo 3(18)

Quiche lorraine.

photo 4(16)

Delicious fish and roasted veggies.  I would have felt pretty healthy if it wasn’t for the liter of beer and gelato I had earlier.

photo 5(6)


Where was your prettiest run?

Favorite flavor of gelato?  I really like fruity flavors like lemon, mango, raspberry in the summer but cappuccino is my favorite if it’s not as warm out




32 thoughts on “Austria Day 3

  1. Those views are amazing! You should be in the “rave runs” section of runner’s world! I can’t think of anywhere particularly amazing that I have ran. I always love my runs in Maine in the summer because it is really pretty and such a nice break from the Baltimore humidity.
    I don’t have gelato enough to have a favorite but it would probably be something chocolaty.

    • Oh I love Maine! It’s so beautiful. Where do you vacation up there? I haven’t been many places but one of my closest friends lives in the middle of nowhere Maine and I just thought it was so pretty and peaceful when I stayed with her.

  2. Keep these gorgeous scenery photos coming! So beautiful! Nice way to re-fuel after your runs:) The prettiest place I’ve ever run was probably in California!
    Gelato- always a chocolate type flavour:)

    • Where in California did you like the best? I went a little crazy with the gelato refueling for sure, my excuse was that it was SO hot and sunny and clearly I just needed it 😉

  3. That picture of the greens fields and the mountain is breathe taking, I can only imagine what it’s like in person. Beautiful scenery and gelato, I can see why you’d want to live there 🙂

    • It really was so gorgeous in person! I took dozens of photos of the same views over and over again because I was sure it just wasn’t going to capture how pretty it was in real life.

  4. I love this portion of the world! I’m really enjoying my runs on the trails here in Bavaria. I haven’t indulged in gelato yet here… I’m waiting for Italy when I know I’ll get my fill.

    • When do you head to Italy? I can’t stop myself from gelato ever but the stuff I had in Italy was wayyyyy better. I also ate it daily there despite the fact that I went in March haha.

      • We’re taking the train to Verona on Sunday and staying one night, then meeting my parents in Turin on Monday, then heading to Cinque Terre. Can’t wait! I’m going to get gelato as soon as we step foot in Verona.

      • Ah I’m so jealous you’re going to the cinque terre! So beautiful, I can’t wait to see your pics 🙂 do you lucky ducks have a house sitting job there?

  5. Oh wow, that view!!! How could anyone not want to run there?? I loved running in South Africa because the view always changed but locally I love running on Amelia Island FL. I prefer fruity flavors for gelato too!

    • I didn’t get to run while I was in South Africa (something the resort said about lions eating me or something haha) but I bet there are so many gorgeous runs you’ve had there!

      • I mean, what would make you faster than knowing you had to out run a lion? 🙂

  6. I just showed your pictures to my office mate and now we want to go to Austria. That last one looks like a freaking postcard! I can’t even imagine how it must have been to run through all that in real life! I used to run in Santa Barbara all the time by the beach which was gorgeous, but that is like other-worldly.

    Yum to all your food and beer. I love gelato! My favorite is mint. 🙂

  7. Yum, lemon gelato sounds really good!!! I like the chocolate flavors!!
    Also, beautiful views!! I can’t get enough of them!! Absolutely amazing!! Totally breathtaking!!! XOXO!!!

  8. Such a pretty place!! Definitely belongs in a Runner’s World issue 🙂 My favorite gelato is made at a fancy pizza place in town, the flavor is panna cotta, and it’s to die for!

  9. “The view to your left” picture makes me want to run and spin singing “The hiiiiills are aliiiiiiiive!” hehehe. My prettiest run. Omg this is so hard. I really don’t know, but it had to have been on a trail. There are so many gorgeous trails.

    • I really almost took one of those pictures with me running through the fields but the flowers were making me so runny-nosed and I thought my skin my hate me if I tried 😦

  10. Wow – amazing photos! It looks so beautiful – majorly jealous! My favorite run ever was a trail run down in southern Utah. And gelato is all about the fruit flavors! Last time I had coconut and mango.

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