Austria Day 4

After the leisurely river run, I was really eager to hit the mountains again (whether this was a good decision or not is yet to be determined).  We followed the same pattern as the first time and hiked for about an hour, then I ran, then we hiked the rest of the way to the top and hiked back down again.


The views were pretty awesome again.

photo 3(27)

And I decided to find a new portion of the mountain for my run.  Joe couldn’t catch pictures of me this time since I wasn’t running the same stretch over and over but he did manage to get one.

photo 5(7)

And I found a tiny waterfall/stream and of course had to touch it.  It was cold and perfect to pour over my head.

photo 1(26)photo 2(28)

We started our day super early but it was quickly getting VERY hot, with temperatures in the mid-80s even on the mountain.  So I was pretty happy when we reached the false summit and only had another 90 minutes to the top!

photo 1(21)


Luckily, we got to the top and were able to head back down before the sun came out strong and the heat got even crazier.  I almost stepped on this guy on the way back down:

photo 2(23)

I thought he was a rock!


Obviously, the best way to refuel after 5.5 hours of really steep hiking is with Austrian beer.  I was a big fan of the local brewery, Huber, and particularly the lighter of their two hefeweizens.  Joe liked the Egger, but I think mostly because it was served in giant 1 liter stone steins.


photo 3(15) photo 4(13)


We bought two steins to bring home, Joe got one of the Egger ones he loved so much and I got one with a painting of the town on it.  I have a tradition of drinking the local beers when we go on vacation and if we are at the beach, I fill up an empty one with sand from the beach I’m visiting.  I’ve got some from the Bahamas, Honduras, Belize, etc.  I figured the stein was a pretty good addition to the collection even if there’s no sand!



Do you have any souvenir purchase you always make on vacation?

Or a tradition of always tasting the local food/drinks?


40 thoughts on “Austria Day 4

  1. Once again, gorgeous photos!
    I usually get some sand from our vacations:) I have yet to do something with them, but I have them in little baggies for now. That beer looks soo good- I can’t wait to be able to have one!

  2. I love how active and outdoorsy you are on vacation, it’s such a lovely way to see the place you’re visiting. What cute little frog/toad 🙂

    • For this trip it was especially perfect, I’m a bit more of an indoor person visiting museums and all that when I visit big cities. Probably why I prefer these countryside trips 😉

    • That’s an awesome tradition! Every year you’ll have memories right on your tree, just imagine when you’re 60 and you’ve got all those ornaments and putting them up will bring back all hundreds of happy memories 🙂

  3. First of all, good on you for being in Austria all of four days and already going out running .Impressive!! And your pictures looks like they’re straight out of the Sound of Music, they’re so beautiful. I like to buy rings when I’m on vacation. I like them because I actually wear them so they remind me of my travels

  4. I like to eat local food, but of course no where I’ve gone is really all that exotic. Except for when I ate conch in T&C which was just gross. I love all these photos! You’re flying in the one that he got of you running down the mountain! (I love pics with both feet off the ground!)

    • I absolutely love conch fritters but I think I’ve only had fried preparations of conch so if you had it another way, that might scare me. I love flying pics too! For some reason I’m never captured in the air though, I think this is a first!

  5. A couple years ago I started a charm bracelet from our travels and now every time we go on vacation another charm gets added to my collection. My two favorites are a sea otter charm from Monterey, CA and and double-decker bus from London! 🙂

  6. So I’m a straight up homebody, but those views are making me want to travel! I don’t have a standard souvenir, but I think it’s a good idea. My brother just toured Europe and bought a shot glass from every country (he is 20)

    • I started off with shot glasses but they’re shockingly useless in my old age 😉 I’m such a homebody too weirdly, I love to travel but when I’m not traveling, I literally just want to stay in my house and make the fun come to me!

  7. Glad you had a great, beautiful run and hike!! What a fun way way to explore and to built up a huge appetite at the same time!! Cool pictures!! XOXO!

  8. Beautiful pictures! I’m getting thirsty for a beer now! We traditionally bring a magnet for our fridge from every place we visit.

    • I bet you get beautiful views all the time on your runs! I can’t even imagine your Mountain Man challenge with all the incredible soreness I’m feeling after a few days of running like this, you are one tough lady.

  9. These all look so pretty! We always try the local beer no matter how small or big the brewery is. We like to buy coffee mugs when we travel that have the name of the country/state/national park. Before long our cabinet is going to be overflowing!

  10. Wow!! I really enjoy seeing all these Austria photos! I love visiting local breweries when I travel. I used to collect pint glasses, but I’ve accumulated so many that I just go to breweries for the beers now 🙂

  11. 1. You’re gorgeous as always!
    2. Breathtaking views… Can’t believe I haven’t thought of travelling to Austria before!
    3. Before I was used to buy magnets. last trip, however, I switched to spoons… RANDOM! lol


  12. I used to always get a shot glass, but now I have so many and nothing to really do with them.(I have them all crammed on a shelf in the corner of my apartment) We’ve now switched to getting christmas tree ornaments, which I guess is a little more practical. Your tradition sounds really fun!

  13. I feel like I’m watching the Sound of Music as I look at your photos lol (in a good way)!! I always get a charm (for my bracelet) when I visit a new state/country. My mom started this bracelet when I was a baby and we have been accumulating the charms since then!

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