Austria Day 5

This was definitely our most strenuous day of our active vacation.  We found out that there is a route from the mountain we’ve been climbing to the next peak over (which is a little taller) and obviously, we just needed to do that.  Even though it’ll make our roundtrip hike 14 miles and it was predicted to be 89 degrees and bright and sunny.  Oops!


I probably should’ve been a little smarter and done zero running, but it is just so hard to turn down the gorgeousness of this scenery.  So hike, then 4 miles on the mountain thinking that I was keeping it pretty light for a full day’s worth of hiking.  Joe caught one picture of me again.

photo 5(8)

Then we started really booking it to the top, we were pretty much experts at the main part of the mountain by now.  We made it to the top about 30-40 minutes quicker than the previous tries and that was a very good thing because it was getting HOT.  We had to stop to fill our water bottle with snow!  We knew the new route at the top would be an extra couple hours but we weren’t quite prepared for how steep, how slippery (lots of loose rocks), and how very very little room you had on the “trail” before massive drop offs off the side of the mountain.  In places, it was just one foot in front of the other and a whole lot of me not allowing myself to look 6 inches to my right.  I stared at my feet an awful lot.


Luckily, the views were pretty awesome whenever I found a place I wasn’t scared to take a pause and get a picture.

photo 4(19) photo 3(21)photo 4(18)

Once we got close, I felt like I was on top of the world.

photo 2(29)

And we got a pretty awesome view of the valley from the top.

photo 3(20)

All the snow was pretty enticing, it was 90 degrees!  It was quite funny though, this side of the mountain (from the other peak) was very gently rolling downward and looked completely different from the rugged and steep climb we had from the other side.  You could tell who came from each side at the top, children and dogs had made their way on the other side and the ones with hiking boots and poles and covered in sweat had come from our side.


We had a pretty uneventful hike all the way back down, and I repeated “ice cream and diet coke” over and over in my head when I was starting to get tired and my feet were hurting.  I had been planning since about 10 minutes in to have that as soon as I got back.  We definitely made good:

photo 5(9)

Except Joe decided ice cream and beer made a better combo.

photo 1(27)



Does anybody else crave a soda when they’re eating ice cream? I very very rarely have a soda but I always crave the carbonation when I’m having ice cream for some reason!

What was your run today?


39 thoughts on “Austria Day 5

  1. Awesome pictures again! I love them! No running for me today, I got a slightly hilly (400m climb, so not as steep as you had it!) trail-half-marathon coming up tomorrow, after which I should probably treat myself to an ice cream and soda as well😁 I get the fizzy drink craving after ice cream too.

  2. You are so so lucky! Love your adventure. The views, again, are breathtaking. No wonder you felt like on top of the world… BECAUSE YOU WERE ON TOP, pretty high up too!!! aahahaha! ❤

    I don't have a craving like that. Now that I think of it, it's my body's defense mechanism… to get as much ice-cream in as possible 😀

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation, if you are still there, love ❤

    • Haha you need to visit close to me so we can go on an ice cream date together! Have you ever given Bella ice cream? My dogs absolutely love it, we can include the pups on our ice cream date 😉

      • I’d love that! Hopefully, one day 🙂 We haven’t given her ice cream yet, but I let her lick a pineapple from sorbet (the ones they sell at Costco). She looked hilarious with her ears all the way back 😀

  3. Man, I wish I had those views during my runs. The houses in my subdivision didn’t provide me views like that lol! I always get ridiculously thirsty after my ice cream, like I need water that second.
    My run yesterday was 10k (6 miles). It’s my gym day today:)

    • It’s going to be really hard to go back to neighborhood runs after getting spoiled with this scenery! I need to take a trip to the gym with you and you can whip my butt into shape with all those box jumps 😉

  4. I don’t particularly crave soda when having ice cream but the idea of the two makes me want an ice cream and soda float. Beautiful scenery as always, if I were you I’d be very tempted to start singing the sound of music soundtrack when looking out at those mountains 😉

    • I almost never have floats but I think I overdosed on them as a kid. When I was about 8 or 9 I spent an entire summer having 2-3 root beer floats every single day…no wonder I don’t crave them anymore 😉

    • Definitely a good idea to take it easy! My runs have definitely been on the slow side but the soreness afterward has been crazy. I’m definitely a sea-level kind of girl, looks like I need way more hills in the future!

  5. Oh yes I love ice cream and soda. And ice cream IN soda. Once I was out with a friend of mind and she got ice cream and Guinness and made a float. It was not my kind of thing.

    Those views are so breathtaking! I’ve never really thought too much about wanting to go to Austria, but you have me pretty sold on it!

  6. Ugh those views are just amazing!!!! I think I would have freaked out a bit with narrow paths! Hmm I’ve never craved soda while eating ice cream- although I’m not a huge ice cream person (frozen yogurt all the way) so maybe that’s why 😉

  7. haha I love your ice cream mantra on the way down! I totally do that too, but mine’s usually chocolate although ice cream on a hot day sounds perfect. It looks like you two are having such an awesome adventure and I love the pictures! keep them coming 🙂

  8. Very cool pictures!!! Your trip has produced tons of beautiful, gorgeous pictures! Thanks so much for sharing!! I love the adventures you two go on!! Absolutely outstanding! I also love the foods you eat and the time you share together! Quite special!
    Recently, after coaching outside in 90 degree weather, I’ve been craving carbonation!! It’s weird because I’m not a carbonation kind of girl, so sparkling water has been my thing lately!

  9. Okay, those views are ridiculous! Your photos look like running ads! All of your food pictures make me crazy hungry. Today when I was at the store I took a second look at a can of diet soda and then resisted the urge because I knew it would lead to another, and another and another. ( I drank 4 cans of pop a day in University!). I DID eat a half tub of red velvet ice cream today though…lol.

    • Hahaha no shame! If I had a tub of ice cream to eat with you, I would 🙂 I feel the same way about soda, my husband asks me if I want it at the store and I have to say no otherwise I’d just end up drinking it all the time.

      • Ice cream is great! For some odd reason I couldn’t get your link to work the other night, 😦 But it’s all good now. 😀 I nominated your blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, if you’re interested 🙂

  10. Stunning views as always!!! Though I’m calling some BS on your run photos. Each post you always look like you’re FLYING! I think you know the camera is there and so you kick it in to high gear for the photos. Forgive me. 😉
    Personally, I gave up soda in 1993. Yup, soda free since ninety three. I will take that beer though!

    • Hahaha I think I’m helped by the fact that it’s a decent grade on the mountain, at least 5% no matter where I am so I’m working harder going uphill and on the downhills I really did feel like I was going to fly right off the mountain!

  11. You look like you’re flying! Did you speed up for the picture? 😉 Kidding!! That hike looks fantastic – it reminds me of Pikes Peak but so much greener!!

  12. The view looks so beautiful! I’m so jealous ): I feel like my mileage will increase happily if I lived/visited there. I’d never stop running for the view!

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