Austria Day 4

After the leisurely river run, I was really eager to hit the mountains again (whether this was a good decision or not is yet to be determined).  We followed the same pattern as the first time and hiked for about an hour, then I ran, then we hiked the rest of the way to the top and hiked back down again.


The views were pretty awesome again.

photo 3(27)

And I decided to find a new portion of the mountain for my run.  Joe couldn’t catch pictures of me this time since I wasn’t running the same stretch over and over but he did manage to get one.

photo 5(7)

And I found a tiny waterfall/stream and of course had to touch it.  It was cold and perfect to pour over my head.

photo 1(26)photo 2(28)

We started our day super early but it was quickly getting VERY hot, with temperatures in the mid-80s even on the mountain.  So I was pretty happy when we reached the false summit and only had another 90 minutes to the top!

photo 1(21)


Luckily, we got to the top and were able to head back down before the sun came out strong and the heat got even crazier.  I almost stepped on this guy on the way back down:

photo 2(23)

I thought he was a rock!


Obviously, the best way to refuel after 5.5 hours of really steep hiking is with Austrian beer.  I was a big fan of the local brewery, Huber, and particularly the lighter of their two hefeweizens.  Joe liked the Egger, but I think mostly because it was served in giant 1 liter stone steins.


photo 3(15) photo 4(13)


We bought two steins to bring home, Joe got one of the Egger ones he loved so much and I got one with a painting of the town on it.  I have a tradition of drinking the local beers when we go on vacation and if we are at the beach, I fill up an empty one with sand from the beach I’m visiting.  I’ve got some from the Bahamas, Honduras, Belize, etc.  I figured the stein was a pretty good addition to the collection even if there’s no sand!



Do you have any souvenir purchase you always make on vacation?

Or a tradition of always tasting the local food/drinks?


Out and about

Yesterday I did my easy run early and changed because we had the bright idea of me bringing some of my work with me to a restaurant and getting me out of the house a little.  We are trying to do this at least once a week where we try somewhere new and just chill there with some books and taking our time over some yummy food and a beer.  It’s an excellent way to spend the day, let me tell you.


And you know I’ll like the place when there are bookshelves over your head on every wall.


And a big, sloppy burger doesn’t hurt things either.  They had pulled pork and onion rings on their burger, and since those are some of my favorite ingredients and it sounds an awful lot like one of my favorite pizzas, I had to go for it.


And you know you needed a closeup.


We took a little detour afterward at the museum.  The Egyptian exhibit was probably my favorite.


And on the way home, we picked up 2 slices of cake each to take home for later. 


Joe told me that it’s not a real blog of my day if I don’t also tell you about my failed spider killing attempt first thing when I woke up this morning… So, I come downstairs and on the wall above the fireplace is a GIGANTIC spider.  Like 3-4 inches across.  Obviously, I screamed for Joe to come deal with it.  He said no (he normally tries to rescue them and put them outside and I want them dead so they can’t come back to get me in my sleep) so I took the biggest thing I could find (Joe’s shoe) and swatted him hard.  Stupid thing is invincible and just falls to the floor and scurries into the fireplace.  We looked for him and cannot find him.  So now, there is a big spider on the house in my house with a vendetta against me because I tried to kill him. 



Do you have strong feelings on bugs/spiders/snakes?  I could tell you a terrifying spider story but let’s just say I was bitten by one and leave it at that.  Now they all must die.

Have you ever taken a book or notebook out so you can get out of the house and still get work done?

What are some of the ingredients that if you see them on a menu dish you know you’ll be instantly tempted to get that dish?