You know you spend too much time in your pjs when…

I’ve got some fun stuff for you guys this week!  Was working on it yesterday and I think we’re all set now.  Meanwhile…

No speedwork yesterday, keeping it easy this week before my next cycle of my training program starts Monday.  Push-ups and pull-ups and 6 easy miles followed by my favorite post-run meal:


It’s just so good.  Expect me to have this for lunch every day this week.  This was dinner:


Crabcakes are delicious.  They also remind me of home, we used to have them at brunch on Sundays after church when I was a kid.  Crabcakes and waffles…the new go-to combination. 


Oh, and I forgot to show you the deliciousness from the night before last!


I was really in the mood for a burger.  That second picture is me showing you that there is pulled pork on my burger too, not just my fries 😉  Pulled pork, blue cheese, and fried onions on the burger in case you were curious.


So I have this habit of wearing pjs to bed (obviously), waking up, eating, running, showering, and changing right back into sweats or pjs.  I know a lot of grad students do work in libraries and I just can’t.  I go and pick up what I need to last me a couple weeks, then sit at home to do all my reading and planning and eventually, write it all up into a (hopefully) coherent chapter.  So I’m home ALL THE TIME.  At home, I like to be comfy, so it’s running clothes or pjs.  You know you spend far too much time in pajamas when you wear a hole into the knee of your pajama pants instead of your jeans.


A bit ridiculous. 

Today’s plan is a 5 mile run followed my a 20 mile stationary bike.  Let’s just pretend I’m excited about the biking part, maybe it’ll start to grow on me. 


Do you wear “real” clothes when you’re just hanging out at home?

What is your favorite go-to lunch?


Did you miss me?

I disappeared on you all this weekend!  I have 2-3 more days of non-running activities and actually took both Saturday and Sunday as complete rest days and quite literally stayed all the way off my foot…aka sat on the couch and watched the Olympics ALL day. I basically watched sports and played with my dogs all day.  It was a mental break I needed I guess because I’m all crazy pumped up this morning to be productive again.  I have no running pictures to share with you then obviously, but I did take everyone’s advice Friday and get me some pizza!


And some red jalapeno poppers for good measure 🙂  It was excellent. 

We woke up super early on Saturday for no reason other than to watch the Olympics live.  It felt weird waking up early and not running and I was prepared to be super antsy so instead, I made some amazing waffles and hot chocolate so my tummy would throw a fit if I DID get a little crazy wanting to go out.


Don’t listen to my cup that says “coffee.”  It was irish cream hot chocolate made over the stove and I obviously put sprinkles on it afterwards.  I was definitely not braving any kind of exercise after that so I kept cozy in my pajamas watching the awesome events on Saturday. 

And last night I had a bit of a craving for a pasta I really love but don’t make often–browned butter gnocchi.  It’s pretty sinful but SO GOOD.  Just brown roughly half a stick of butter, seasoned with some sage and salt.  When it’s good and brown, take it off the heat and add roughly the juice of half of lemon (just make sure you get a nice juicy lemon, sometimes I have to use a whole one if it’s not juicy enough).  Put it back on the heat with the gnocchi and stir around, top with a little fresh cheese at the end!


It’s yummier than it looks! 

I just checked my email upon waking up to find my in-laws sent me a bunch of photos from the beach.  They’re cruising for a month and all the sunshine in the pictures is pretty much torture when I look outside.  I won’t be venturing outside but the plan for today: 2 hour bike to make up for missing a long run yesterday.  I’m freaking dying to be running again but probably only because I dislike biking and the pool is really far away.  If I could elliptical, I’d be fine but I’m trying to be super low impact for this healing period.  I’m thinking just a 2 hour ride with hills on the stationary to mimic what I would have done running.  The time probably won’t be equivalent but I really don’t want to ride double/triple the long run distance.  I figure my inexperience on the bike should even things up a bit 😉


Favorite Olympic moment so far?

What was your favorite thing you did or ate this weekend?


I’m sitting here incredibly antsy because I want to go for a run but instead I have to wait a bit until I can go to the gym instead and do a bike workout because my toe is all messed up.  I shall provide you with a picture from yesterday’s run aka the calm before the storm:


Everything was fine and dandy (and muddy) in the park, it’s the stupid slippery roads and paths that did me in 😦  I should only have to do roughly a week of biking/swimming workouts until the swelling and bruising goes down and the toe feels okay to run again.  No insanity (aka lots of jumping) this week either.  I’m going to feel so restless. The bike just doesn’t do it for me.  It’s a great workout, just mentally it doesn’t satisfy me. 

I’m on a roll making things I enjoy and that are (reasonably) healthy for dinner.  May I present, homemade flatbread pizza!


And because I’m probably going to annoy you all with Olympics talk for the next two weeks (along with my buddy Carson, fellow Olympic-phile), I shall give you a little personal update today.  Most of you know I’m in a PhD program in English.  My program is one of the top few programs in the world and is very competitive and sadly, that doesn’t end after you get in.  There are these hurdles you have to go through at multiple points in your career.  I’ve completed roughly half of my 300 page dissertation and have had to defend my work with that oral examination I took a week ago today.  There is a panel of 2 examiners I’ve never met and who have not read my work or the text I’m writing about.  They judge not only the work they have in front of them, but numerous external factors that I can’t control.  They could love my written work, but not think it’s right for this school or think I’m not engaging enough with theory or whatever and it’s something that might pass one set of examiners but another set will fail you so it really accentuates just how subjective this discipline is.  If you fail, you have to leave the program.  That’s right…you just go home, no more PhD.  To show you how subjective this may be, my supervisor had a student who failed, they didn’t think her project feasible or suitable for this school.  She left and applied to other schools, and graduated with her PhD from Stanford.  I already experienced this in the admissions process, I was denied from a school I really loved because I don’t use a lot of theory in my work and they are a very theory-based program.  Everyone wants to see different things from their students, even among the top 10 institutions, they’re just not all created equal.  Hence my stress levels last week…I will find out in 4 weeks whether I stay here and write the second half of my dissertation and get my PhD in roughly one year from now, or have to move back home and reapply to PhD and start the whole process over again.  One more year or four more years to get a PhD.  Obviously, this has led to discussions as to whether I’ll even try to go elsewhere because four more years is a huge commitment and Joe has already moved for me to do a PhD once.  It’s an incredibly stressful time and yet, in the last week when thinking over my options, I’ve come to terms the best I can with the potential outcomes.  I have a list of schools I’d apply to if I fail and I can decide after I get results if I’d like to do it all over again but at least I have a starting point.  I have a plan for what I would do in the interim, or at least ideas for a plan.  And I of course looked up some races in Virginia in the spring and fall because the only way I’ll stay sane amidst all the turmoil is with running and excitement over new races and things to train for.  None of this ideal but I’m ready to find out.  Sorry for the downer of an update!  I’m very rarely negative but it’s such a HUGE thing that is going on and you might be very confused if I switch from training to one race to another at a completely different time all of a sudden, but it would be because I have to move!  I’m putting it out of my mind until I hear the results so back to your regularly scheduled running, pizza, and puppies 🙂


This is from about a month after we got Stevie.  The size difference still cracks me up. Can I please have my tiny tiny tiny puppy back?


Do you ever make homemade pizza? Favorite toppings? (that’s kalamata olives, pesto, goats cheese, balsamic, and sundried tomatoes on mine above!)

Favorite workout on the bike?  My plan for today is the intervals I would have done running!  5 minutes hard, 2 mins easy x 8 🙂

Thanks guys!

First, I just want to say thank you thank you thank you to everyone for all the awesome biking advice.  I know next to nothing about biking (hilarious that I’ve competed in a triathlon, right?) and I definitely didn’t know that thing about keeping your rpm around 90 and probably just would have stuck to grinding out hills or something.  I’m not going to be replacing much run mileage, just moving one short shakeout run to an easy bike instead and cutting a medium-long run of 8 or 9 to more like 5 or 6 midweek and finishing the rest on the bike.  The plan is to increase bike mileage for the next 6 weeks or so while keeping run mileage more or less around the same, then start subbing in some extra run mileage and cutting back on the bike in March when I’m fully adjusted and ready for a higher mileage training cycle for the half marathon.  This means 5 miles today and 12 tomorrow then biking on Monday to kick off the process.  You guys were such a huge help and also so encouraging so THANK YOU 🙂 


I’m going to tell you all a little about my dinner last night because it was basically the yummiest thing ever.  I forgot to thaw chicken but then I remembered that I have shrimp and those thaw super easily so I thought I’d make some quesadillas.  I seasoned the shrimp with garlic, ancho chile, cumin, and ghost pepper salt, sauteed an onion, and seasoned black beans with garlic, lime, and the ancho chile.


Threw the mixture into some garlic and herb tortillas and covered with a decent amount of cheese.


Finish them off in the pan to melt the cheese and then cut and smother in hot sauce and avocado, obviously!


And I went to go blog and found the little girl in my spot like this:



I’ll be running a bit later than usual today because I have to watch some FA cup action in a few minutes 🙂  But really excited for an easy one today, I’m craving some miles but really just feel like heading out without a watch and enjoying myself and taking it easy.  And I think I may make some brunch pancakes after 😉


What’s your workout today?

I’m getting absurdly excited for the Olympics…what’s your favorite winter Olympic event?

A little advice from my friends?

So I pretty much completely forgot that I have to read an academic monograph and write a review for publication and it’s due in a few weeks.  Oops.  At least I remembered today and not the day before, right?  Right.  So I’m working on that.


Yesterday was a nice sunny day and I did 7 miles with the middle 4 at tempo.  My shin muscles are a little sore today which is bizarre but it’s not pain, just a little bit of soreness.  I’m doing 5 miles today and then Insanity upper body. 

Yesterday’s run followed by my favorite lunch:


I got English muffins to put them on because I haven’t baked bread in a few weeks.  I thought I was being fancy but really, the homemade bread tastes much better so when these muffins are gone, back to the same old habits.


And I promise this isn’t all I ate for dinner but the soup and chicken was entirely uneventful.


If you can believe it, this was my very first time trying butternut squash.  I’m very unadventurous when it comes to vegetables, I’m just sure I’m going to hate everything that isn’t broccoli basically.  I was wrong, this is delicious.  Or at least, when you make it with olive oil, rosemary, and parmigiano, it’s delicious.  I’m going to be making it again later this week. 


And I had nothing better to do last night (seriously…Scandal, please come back) so I took another stupid quiz.


a) Ridiculously obvious I was going to get her.  b) You’re correct quiz master, it’s so not my fault that I’m always right 😉

Back to running for a second:  I’m feeling a bit weird in my legs lately and I’d like to replace a day or two of running each week with biking for 6 weeks or so while I work on extra strength training and then switch back to running for my next training cycle in March.  For anyone with a lot of experience, how does this work?  How do I replace say 10 miles a week of running with biking (aka how much bike mileage should I put in to replace 10-15 miles of running)?  I know it will be good for me as cross-training but how will it work when I transition back, will I suffer from the 10 miles less running when I try to increase my running load in the next training cycle?  How does it translate to running fitness/speed and am I better off trying to run more and bike less when I feel able?  I’d love to hear from some of you ex-college runners or you super fast higher mileage gals because my end goal is higher mileage as the year goes on. 


Who would you be in the Harry Potter series?

Favorite kind of cross-training?