Fact Friday #3

Yesterday’s run was super fun, for anyone that is interested.  I decided to do a 75 minute run where I ran hard for 2 songs and steady for 1 song, which equates to a fartlek run of roughly 7-9 minutes hard effort with roughly 3:30-4:30 steady effort in between each hard effort.  It was super fun and I ended up with ~40 minutes hard running so it was a great way to do some faster running but not be a slave to my watch.


Inspired by being home, I decided to do another Fact Friday and share some bits and pieces of me with you all again.


1.  Joe and I met 3 weeks beforehand, but we got our start in Honduras on spring break.  It’s a long story, but we had met through his best friend (also a good friend of mine) and had been hanging out nonstop so when he found out that the 4th person on a trip I was taking to Honduras in a couple weeks dropped out, he joined my friends and I.  He told me he had feelings for me on our first night there and we’ve been together ever since.  This is a photo from day 3.  I’m the blonde one 😉


2.  I was in a sorority!  I’m not what people typically think of with a sorority girl but the best thing about my sorority is that I didn’t feel they were typical either.  Sure, there were the standard barbie types but only a handful and in a house of 100 girls, I just didn’t interact with them as much as the girls I had more in common with.  Two of my favorite people in the world years later are my big and grandbig, who immediately claimed me when I joined the house as a freshman in their junior year.  One lives in NYC, the other in Chicago, and they are both some of the coolest people I have ever met.  These are from our trip to Chicago nearly 5 years ago:

chicago chicago2

In that first picture, I’m wearing 4 inch heels.  They’re both just super tall.


3. I’ve always had a bucket list and most of it is travel related but there are a few other things on there too.  I accomplished getting married outside, bungee jumping, and skydiving and I still need to touch a lion/tiger.  The craziest thing I ever had on there is riding a real live rodeo bull.  I’ve always wanted to do it and still do but Joe says I’m forbidden.  It’s probably wise and the older I get, the less likely that I’ll do it, but I really did look into it years ago and was within a few weeks of getting on one.


4. I lived in Philly for a few months and had the best roommate.  I met her accidentally, she replied to a post I had about a spare room in the 2 bedroom apartment I had found in Philly and turns out, she was living in Virginia at the time for an internship.  We met, loved each other, and did most things together for the few months I lived there.  She’s also the one who gave me pre-separated sour patch kids for my birthday.  I hated Philly and moved out of there years earlier than I thought but had the best time exploring and hanging out with Mallory.  I was disappointed in the teams that made it the year I lived there so we invented a game for the Super Bowl where you drink a shot every time the kicker has to kick a FG/kickoff.  We didn’t last 3 quarters 😉


5. There’s a really fun day my friend hosted in the past called Ultimate Hustler.  We have a big group of people and there are 12 events throughout the day including putt-putt, frisbee golf, knockout (basketball), bowling, foosball, darts, 8-ball, and more.  There are odds established in advance for each person’s chance at victory and before each event, you are required to bet some of your allotted monopoly money on the victor and another bet on two names that are randomly drawn out of a hat and who you think will be the victor of those two players.  The money you collect throughout the day based on your bets is the buy-in for the big finale…the poker tournament that caps the night.  So betting well throughout the day is essential if you want a decent stack.  Here’s the group from a few years ago:


I’m the only girl, I should be easy to spot.



Tell me something about you!!