A long vacation

The title is a little bit of a misnomer, I don’t know that I’d call what’s been going on this summer a “vacation,” but I sure took one monster of a vacation from blogging.  It started innocently enough, we moved two weeks after we got back from Austria so we had a TON to do, then the next two weeks were spent getting settled back in Virginia.  I planned on getting back to blogging once things had quieted down, but what you don’t all know (unless you’ve seen me mention it on instagram or twitter!) is that I sustained one giant pain-in-the-butt of an injury that just won’t leave me alone.  My motivation to post on my running blog while injured was pretty much zero, so I let it go while I focused on all the work I’ve been doing since we moved back.  It’s been so good for me, and maybe it’s even been good for me that I couldn’t run.  I have gotten so much work done and been so insanely productive, so while it has been frustrating to heal slowly, I also didn’t miss running as much as I normally would.  And I’ve even been weightlifting a decent amount recently, which is pretty much a sentence I never thought I’d say.  I usually avoid strength training like the plague but I’ve been enjoying it, if only because it’s the only place I’m seeing measurable progress 😉  I’ll go into a little more detail on the injury later this week but I am running again and excited for all the cool weather miles coming my way.


So, since you all don’t want to hear about work or non-running, I’ll do a little recap of some of the stuff I was up to this summer.



Spent several days at the adorable ice cream stand near my house where you can play games under the umbrellas while you eat homemade ice cream.  SO GOOD.  This was Joe’s birthday, with salted caramel flavored ice cream on his sundae.  I had a Kahlua milkshake, which I still remember vividly because it was SO DARN GOOD.  There was a lot of ice cream eating this summer.





20140810_142345 20140810_142937(0)

Went to a brunch with this girl that was a little about the delicious and a lot about the unlimited booze.  We made friends with our waiter and he brought us shots, which leads to wandering around the museum afterward like this:

20140810_165647 20140810_165709

She’s too much fun for her own good.


And Joe and I had quite the awesome day at a baseball game!  Another sentence that isn’t something I thought I’d say…I’m definitely a football girl, baseball usually bores me to death.  But baseball is significantly more fun when you’re three rows behind home plate and there’s unlimited food and beer!

20140705_180351 20140705_160232 20140705_160225

And that’s us on tv!  I’m noticing a theme with my highlights…unlimited food=fun.


Just a few of my highlights but I’m so happy that it’s finally fall and I’m excited to be blogging again 🙂


Tell me some of your favorites from this summer!

What’s your number one favorite thing about fall?  (Mine is football, but a very close second is the gorgeous weather!)


Gotta love spring

It may be dropping in temps again (only 55 today and dropping to high 40s tomorrow!) but we had one heck of a week with great weather and it was the perfect time for my brother-in-law and his family to be visiting.  And for the first time in FOREVER I did all of my runs outside and have the tiniest beginnings of a Garmin tan 🙂


Waking up to the flowers coming out is amazing.


I waited a little too long to hit the trails I guess, it was over 70 degrees by the time 8am rolled around.  But it was fantastic!  My runs were SO MUCH BETTER the last few times out, the rest day after the truly awful one did a world of good.  I’ve been feeling strong and easy.


It peaked at about 85 degrees, perfect for a cookout before the family had to leave.  Side note: I brought home no shorts other than running shorts so I’ve been in jeans in this heat the last few days.  Not my favorite!  I also left my hair dryer and makeup at our house.  These have not been my most attractive days haha.  Lucky for me, my older niece decided to help out and get creative playing with my hair:


And we took goofy photos while we were waiting for Joe to cook us some delicious steak:

2014-04-14 19.38.06

Yep, she’s bigger than me.  11 years old and at least 4 inches taller than me.


The steak was perfect.  Yay for our first cookout in ~8 months!


I have no pictures of the three boys, who ran around like absolute freaking banshees all night.  I have a few of my youngest niece, which she took as selfies with my phone.  They are as blurry as you’d expect a 5 year old’s photos to be 😉


What else do you do to celebrate spring?  Paint your nails festively of course.  This color just felt spring-like to me.


And maybe everyone doesn’t do this, but I sure as heck go out for ice cream the first time we have an 80+ degree day.  We went to Dairy Queen and while I know most people would get sundaes or blizzards, I’m a 4 year old at heart and get vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles every single time.


Fun fact: My dog tried to knock me over and steal this from me.  They both love ice cream (but Slider is the only one big enough to knock me over).  So we put them in the car (Slider’s #1 favorite thing in the world) and drove them to McDonald’s and bought them dollar cones.  Slider ate his sloppily and quickly and Stevie was a little princess as usual.  We have a video (which entertained my 5 year old niece on repeat at the dinner table) but I can’t get it to upload here 😦  You’ll just have to take my word for it that they’re just as big of fans of ice cream as I am 🙂



Did you do anything to get out and enjoy the nice weather? (besides running!)

What’s your favorite kind of ice cream?

Girls, do you paint your nails according to the seasons/weather?  I sort of do, I love breaking out the neons in the summer but I’ll wear dark colors anytime too.