You know you spend too much time in your pjs when…

I’ve got some fun stuff for you guys this week!  Was working on it yesterday and I think we’re all set now.  Meanwhile…

No speedwork yesterday, keeping it easy this week before my next cycle of my training program starts Monday.  Push-ups and pull-ups and 6 easy miles followed by my favorite post-run meal:


It’s just so good.  Expect me to have this for lunch every day this week.  This was dinner:


Crabcakes are delicious.  They also remind me of home, we used to have them at brunch on Sundays after church when I was a kid.  Crabcakes and waffles…the new go-to combination. 


Oh, and I forgot to show you the deliciousness from the night before last!


I was really in the mood for a burger.  That second picture is me showing you that there is pulled pork on my burger too, not just my fries 😉  Pulled pork, blue cheese, and fried onions on the burger in case you were curious.


So I have this habit of wearing pjs to bed (obviously), waking up, eating, running, showering, and changing right back into sweats or pjs.  I know a lot of grad students do work in libraries and I just can’t.  I go and pick up what I need to last me a couple weeks, then sit at home to do all my reading and planning and eventually, write it all up into a (hopefully) coherent chapter.  So I’m home ALL THE TIME.  At home, I like to be comfy, so it’s running clothes or pjs.  You know you spend far too much time in pajamas when you wear a hole into the knee of your pajama pants instead of your jeans.


A bit ridiculous. 

Today’s plan is a 5 mile run followed my a 20 mile stationary bike.  Let’s just pretend I’m excited about the biking part, maybe it’ll start to grow on me. 


Do you wear “real” clothes when you’re just hanging out at home?

What is your favorite go-to lunch?


Caffeine Free

Breaking news: I have not had coffee in like ten days.  It’s a brave new world, people.  I’m not    trying to cut it out or anything, just haven’t felt like it since being sick and for some reason had missed a few days prior as well.  I’m already susceptible to caffeine so when I go back I’m going to be the energizer bunny.

Supposed to have a track workout today but decided against that thanks to the chest infection and inhaler I’m currently using.  4 steady pace instead.  Piece of cake 🙂
This is my favorite lunch.  Homemade bread toasted and smeared with a bit of honey, topped with half an avocado (for both pieces of toast!), 2 poached eggs, and a sprinkle of salt 🙂 bonus points when I time the poaching perfectly and the yolk oozes over my crunchy bread
Reading material during stretchy time.
Annnnnnd I dyed my hair “soft black.”
I think I’m going to wait on the bangs until the new year, primarily because I’m going away for a weekend at the end of the month somewhere cold and I’ll likely be wearing a hat and bangs and hats don’t mix.  Is this the weirdest reason to delay a haircut? Maybe…
Tell me your favorite lunch food!