Because it was the best week ever (and because people kept asking me about it!), I decided to make a little page for our wedding photos 🙂  I was lucky enough to marry my best friend, and even luckier that he envisioned the same wedding I did.  We picked our venue nearly 5 years before we actually got married in it and it was everything we hoped for.  Though we are both Virginian born and bred, we were married in France on Bastille Day in a tiny corner of the Loire Valley roughly 40 minutes from any kind of decent sized town.  I wouldn’t change a thing!

003_JRP9297-Edit 038_DSC5692 - Copy (2) 057_DSC5758 - Copy 114_DSC5886-Edit-2 105_JRP9433-Edit-2

104_JRP9431 117_DSC5893 138_DSC5964-Edit 142_DSC5995 164_DSC6060-Edit 188_JRP9485 187_JRP9484 189_JRP9503

199_DSC6107-Edit 231_JRP9530-Edit 214_DSC6128-Edit 210_JRP9508 209_JRP9506 205_DSC6120 221_DSC6135

279_DSC6217 302_JRP9608 316_JRP9638 342_DSC6298 352_JRP9679


270_JRP9600 260_JRP9564 249_JRP9541

381_JRP9770 421_DSC6411 416_JRP9815 441_DSC6475 440_DSC6473 393_DSC6362 395_DSC6367

445_JRP9841 444_JRP9838 443_JRP9837 462_JRP9878 470_JRP9904 509_JRP9972 510_JRP9973 502_DSC6519 501_DSC6518


14 thoughts on “Wedding

  1. Wow, those are amazing!! I got married in South Africa and thought my pics were cool 🙂 but yours just blew me away!

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