Ok so my PRs are crazy old, like 4 or 5 years old.  And most of them are for weird distances like 20 miles (2:18) because I just did local races on whims rather than properly train for anything haha.  I have done 2 marathons and a few 10ks (PR just under 35 and the record I’d most like to get back to!).  But rather than list old PRs, I’m going to list my goals and cross them off as I get them and get closer to my ultimate goal of setting a new PR in every distance.  I’ll update it as I go with all my new races and new goals and I’m looking forward to the day when I cross off the old PRs and say 28 year old me is stronger than 23 year old me 😉



sub 3


Half Marathon:

sub 1:45


sub 1:30



I’m also going to be running track for my grad school this spring but I have no idea what distance I’ll specialize in yet (thinking 10k/5k?) so I want to hold off on setting goals for that quite yet 😉

I’ll be updating my goals and PRs ALL THE TIME as my training and races start this winter!


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