Fact Friday is back

I haven’t done one of these in a while so here we go.


1. I used to eat ice cream every single day.  Back when I was 19ish, I started keeping gallon tubs of coffee ice cream in the freezer and I ate 4 scoops every night covered in sprinkles.  This was going on when I met Joe and even though he thought it was ridiculous that I did this every single day, he obviously couldn’t resist so most nights he joined in.  He definitely blamed me when he gained 20 pounds.  I had the metabolism of a 12 year old at the time, so I did this for a few years with no consequences.  Actually, the reason I stopped was because of running.  When I started running, I didn’t feel so hot fueled by pizza and ice cream so I switched up the foods I was eating.  I still love ice cream with sprinkles but I definitely don’t eat it every day.


2. I had the craziest roommate experience my freshman year of college.  Not that any of them individually were crazy (though a lot of my friends at other schools had some CRAZY freshman roommates), but it was just ever evolving.  I made a friend at orientation named Meghan and she made a request to live with my in the dorm I had chosen for freshman year so we would at least have one guaranteed friend in a 4 person suite.  We were mailed the names/phone #s of the other 2 girls over the summer and talked to them a few times and they seemed great so we were excited.  The two new girls lasted TWO DAYS on campus before they moved out and dropped out of school.  I won’t pretend I know what was inside their heads but they didn’t even give college a chance and they maybe spoke 10 words to Meghan and I in those two days.  So Megs and I had a 4 person room to ourselves until Christmas break.  We got a call maybe 3 days before we were due for winter quarter that we had a new girl named Lindsay moving in.  We cleaned up and all that and a girl knocked on our door and said she was our new roommate…named Maranda.  Apparently, we were getting 2 new roomies and they only told us about one.  There was lots more panicked clearing of closet space after that.  So now we are a foursome again except Maranda drops out of school 5 weeks later.  By this point, we clearly have a reputation as the room where people go to die, but really she left because she was obsessed with her abusive boyfriend and when we turned him in for hitting her, she didn’t want to live with us anymore.  Not something we will apologize for.  We finally got a 4th roommate that stuck at the beginning of spring quarter (hi Caryn!) and had one glorious 10 week term as a super tight foursome.  We always felt that it turned out perfectly in the end and we all became incredibly close very quickly, but it was a CRAZY year of drama.


3.  Not that you’d be able to tell because I’m all of 5’3, but I played basketball from the time I was around 6 all the way through high school on both school and travel teams.  I can shoot 3’s all day but playing became a real problem when everyone else was nearly 6′ tall.  Joe played for our high school and one of our early dates was going to the university gym and having a 3 pointer contest 🙂


4. When I bought my wedding dress, I didn’t exactly do things the traditional way.  I took my fiance.  I may be superstitious as hell when it comes to my sports teams but all that nonsense about not seeing the bride never bothered me.  The people from Say Yes to the Dress would be so mad at me 😉  But it went perfectly and I wouldn’t have had it any other way, I was struggling between two dresses and he was the reason I got the dress I truly loved more instead of the one that I technically looked the best in.  I went back later to show my mom and best friend, but I’m thrilled I did it with Joe first.  186_DSC6076189_JRP9503


5.  I know all the world capitals.  Yep, alllll of them.  This is shockingly useless but I live for the days when geography questions appear on Jeopardy.  A few months ago World Capitals was the final jeopardy category and I internally wagered everything I’ve got.  Usually, I just play around with geography games on Sporcle or that quiz app to try to find different ways to utilize this rather useless talent.



Any fun but useless talents?

How did you like your college roommates?

Give me a random fact about you!


48 thoughts on “Fact Friday is back

  1. Your dress was gorgeous. I am non-traditional in a lot of ways so I really love that story 🙂 As for the ice cream- when I’m home, I eat it every night, but I also grew up doing that and I figure I’m going to eat some kind of dessert, so as long as I don’t go overboard, there’s nothing wrong with it. I don’t eat a coldstone creation every day, but I think I’m doing okay with my small dish of light oreo after dinner. My running might improve if I stopped, but I’m addicted 😉

  2. Fact: I can tell you what breed any dog is with 99.9% accuracy. Even the weird, obscure ones. I used to climb up the bookcase when I was little and grab D-4 of the Encyclopedia AND OBSESS over dogs. I was like 5 walking around saying: Hey Ma. Look! A Briard! I was a little dork. 🙂

    The wedding pictures are stunning.

  3. lol, I love that you were the one to make your significant other gain weight. Usually it’s the girls complaining about how the guys eating habits make them gain weight. I’m super impressed by that last one, I feel like you should get some sort of award for that 😉

  4. Love that you took your fiancee dress shopping! And gorgeous dress!!
    And that is a great talent to have! My useless talent? I remember all phone numbers and birthdays! And, if I met you for two minutes 10 years ago and see you again, I’ll remember your name and details of any conversation.

    • Thank you 🙂 That isn’t a useless talent at all! I hate running into people I met once a million years ago because I can NEVER remember their name…I even forgot my hairstylist’s name repeatedly for the first few months I used her 😦

  5. All of my useless talents have to do with knowing/memorizing random things – I know Pi to 100 digits, can recite all 17 minutes of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech (on a good day), and can list all 50 states in alphabetical order… so random but it can be fun to pull them out every once in a while!

    • I can do the 50 states in order too but the pi one and the whole MLK one are super impressive!! I only know the first 3 digits of pi! 100 is crazy. I bet those are fun party tricks 😉

  6. I cannot get over your hair – it looks amazing in those photos. Did you guys get married in Europe? That’s a very French-looking background.

    I go through phases with ice-cream. Right now I have some chocolate-brownie-fudge in the freezer and it is going down this weekend.

    • We got married in a small town in France! On Bastille Day no less haha. Thanks for the hair compliment, I did it myself and I was very nervous about having no one to do it for me in such a tiny town.

  7. I love these facts about you!! Incredible dress and man, I used to eat ice cream every night, too until I stopped because I realized I was addicted to sweets!! It’s definitely hard to resist sweet treats at night, but I try…usually. Have a great weekend!!!

  8. I think there should be a professional basketball league like the NBA and WNBA but ONLY for people who are short! Then people who have the skills but not the height could play! I love ice cream too- I used to have cones with sprinkles just like the one you have pictured every day for lunch in college. I can’t believe I used to do that!

  9. HAHAHA OMG this might be my favorite one yet! I envy your 12 year old metabolism! I seriously almost spit out my water when I read your dorm room was where people went to die ahahaha. I kind of love your idea of showing Joe your dress. Kyle is the person I want to share everything with, and his opinion is the only one I care about (when it comes down to “the dress”) so that makes perfect sense. The other part of me does like the idea of surprising him though. How did you learn all the world capitals? Insanely impressive!

    • Definitely give it some thought when you guys finally do it, I liked the surprise idea too but he still didn’t know my full look with my hair and makeup done and everything so he was still all cute and surprised on the day and for me, it was super worth it to know he absolutely loved my dress as much as I did. I know it wouldn’t suit a lot of people but we both loved the way we did it.

  10. I’m very impressed that you know all the world capitals! If I’m ever on Who Wants to be a Millionaire I’ll be phoning you for a geography question! 🙂 I had a random roommate in the dorm my freshman year and she was awesome! I lived with friends my sophomore year and that ended in too much drama!! Random fact: my right pointer finger is like half an inch shorter than my left from breaking my knuckle when I was 12.

  11. I thought I was the only one who bought ice cream by the gallon! The frozen, creamy deliciousness that is ice cream is for sure my biggest vice; I too have to have it at least once a day (at least!). Your dress was to die for girl! You made one beautiful bride! Random fact about me: I can recite every line from every episode of Seinfeld ever. My friends always quiz me by asking me if I can name which episode it is within the first 5 seconds of the intro. I can. 😉

  12. I can’t believe you are only 5’3! I’m 5’2 but I honestly thought from your photos that you were much taller….cool! 😉 We can start our own short people basket ball team. 😀 Your wedding photos are absolutely amazing and should be in magazines!

    • I thought you were taller too! Shorties unite! 😀 I try to tell myself that it means I was just meant to be a runner since all the elite marathoners are all tiny haha.

  13. I am jealous of your mad basketball skills because I am a giant and have no game whatsoever.

    Useless talent: I am a national champion tap dancer. One would think that this would be useful, but it isn’t because I am not particularly good at any other form of dance, no schools offer tap dancing scholarships, and the chances of making a career out of this are slim and none. I do manage to drive people crazy because I am always naturally tapping my feet wherever I go.

    • Oh my gosh, Carson, I like you even more than I did before. Tap dancing national champion is like the coooooolest thing ever! Please please please share dance videos or photos one of these days!

  14. Ha, what crazy things were you doing to drive off all those roommates?!?!?! Or was your experience something like this:
    Forgive me, but I’m my ears perked up when I heard “super tight foursome” Sorry, I have the maturity of a teenage. 😉
    Oh, I had my ups and downs with my college roommates. But I learned a lot either way. The best was moving into off campus housing with friends. So many good times!

  15. Great post! I love your wedding pictures! I’m also very non traditional that way, and don’t believe and superstitions and what you are and are not supposed to do. In Israel people are quite traditional so certain things I did (like buying baby stuff before the baby was born) got me some horrified looks. Oh well.
    LOL about the ice cream, I remember a summer when I was 16 or so that my best friend and I went to get ice cream at our favorite store every single day. We did this for 3 months straight and I don’t think we ever worried about the calories or gaining weight.. except I’m sure I did put on a few pounds by the end of the summer.

    • Is it a tradition is Israel to not buy baby things until it arrives? That seems like a sure fire way to be running around like a crazy person the first few days/weeks.

      • Yes it is to both! It’s a tradition or a ‘bad luck’ thing, at the same time I’m not going shopping with a 2 day old baby… some of the stuff (especially furniture) people buy in advance and have it delivered only after the baby is born. I had it delivered in advance though, I wanted the nursery ready.

  16. I love how he gained weight and you didn’t! When I met my boyfriend and picked up his eating habits, I ballooned up by 10 lbs! My fun but useless talent is probably have a lot of the dewy decimal system memorized so if you’re looking for a book in the 001-709 (still working in 709-900s) I got you covered!

  17. I love ice cream with sprinkles! And your wedding pictures are gorgeous! I’m getting married this Fall and showed my fiancé some dress pictures, I’m glad I’m not the only bride who has done this!

    • I love fall weddings so much, are you doing it in Utah? I’m just picturing all the gorgeous leaves and all the pretty colors and fantastic fall weather. Did you pick your dress yet?

      P.S. I figured out the problem with me commenting on your blog…I can’t do it on an iPad (something with the theme not cooperating on this platform) but it will be fine when I have a computer again.

  18. Those wedding pictures are insanely gorgeous! I am in love with your dress.
    Haha talk about roommate drama. My freshman year I lived with a girl who was Miss Teen Maryland and decided she wanted to sell drugs out of our room and would hide them in the drop ceiling of the bathroom. She eventually got busted and kicked out of school (thank god I didn’t get in trouble by default, but I really had nothing to do with her shenanigans). She later went on to be a Maxim girl and B-movie actress.

    My roommate that moved in right after her ended up rushing my sorority, but then acted like a total tramp at all the parties so the president of the sorority came to me and told me that I had to tell her to stop acting like the village bicycle. That was an awkward conversation. She later dropped out of school for unknown reasons.

    So yeah…batting 1000 in the freshman roomie department. 🙂

    • Oh my gosh, and people think MY situation was dramatic! That sounds like one heck of an adventurous freshman year. I sure hope you had a little more normality the rest of college…

  19. Love the wedding dress and it’s so cool you brought Joe! I mean, his opinion is obviously important so why not bring him along?! I loved my roommate in first year uni. We got so lucky and were polar opposites but it worked out great! Unfortunately, we’ve lost touch over the years but I’m so happy to have had such an amazing friend to live iwth

  20. I love these posts! It’s fun to learn random facts about people, and super impressive about the capitals!
    Random skill: I have a really good sense of pitch and can sing songs in their solfege (do re mi’s)

  21. My college roommate experience wasn’t too bad, but freshman year I was matched up randomly and we got along ok but had separate sets of friends. I liked it much better the other years when I got to live with the people I was friends with!
    A random skill is that I was once able to do a plank for 5 minutes drinking a beer. This was 2 years ago at my bachelorette weekend and I doubt I could still do it:)

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